Leveraging advanced technology and tools to support our analysis

Our computerised data analysis system provides in-depth insight to our fisheries analysts which greatly increases effectiveness and efficiency. This helps us identify and provide intelligence to take action against possible illegal fishing, as well as providing a simple means for certifying compliant behaviour of legal fishing.

  • It provides a global and scalable picture of fishing activity and maritime domain awareness
  • It operates on a fair and equitable basis
  • It drives down the cost of surveillance, data handling and data sharing
  • It provides a trusted, safe and secure solution for maritime domain awareness
  • It reduces the amount of data humans would need to analyse thus reducing costs and increasing effectiveness through better prioritisation of user needs
  • It encourages collaboration and data sharing to reduce the patchy nature of surveillance methods
  • It can be tailored to the client’s needs

This is provided through the fusion and analysis of many data sources including:

  • Open and proprietary vessel tracking telemetry
  • Satellite-based RADAR observations
  • Satellite-based optical and near-infrared imagery
  • Global environmental, climate and meteorological information
  • “Crowd sourced” observations
  • Vessel registry databases
  • Fishing license databases
  • Vessel blacklists maintained by enforcement authorities
  • Specialist fisheries analysis databases

Provenance Assurance

We bring together multiple data sources, including satellite and terrestrial positional data, vessel licence lists and registries, and specialist fishing databases in real time to prove where your vessels have fished and uncover any potential illegal activity.

Data Security

Data security is integral to the design of our technology, which has the facilities to keep your data safe, separate, and secure. Our software is built with security at the core. Please talk to us for more information and we can discuss your requirements.

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