Catapult Impact

We cannot underestimate the value of the Satellite Applications Catapult to the evolution and development of Sterling Geo over the last three years.


  • Sterling Geo has increased turnover by 70% since first meeting the Catapult.
  • Catapult has helped Sterling Geo engage with over 100 commercial and government organisations.
  • Catapult has worked with Sterling Geo to develop their business plan, evolving the company’s vision, planning and current execution with the aim to increase staff numbers by five fold over the next four years.
  • Sterling Geo is part of the £11.4m EASOS project consortium to deliver decision support tools across 26 Malaysian Government departments to help tackle flooding, marine oil pollution and illegal logging. The project is funded through the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Programme.

How has the Catapult helped?

  • Developed technology together: Together Catapult and Sterling Geo developed an Earth Observation data portal monitoring and presenting change detection for Local Authorities.
  • Provided Business Support: Catapult provided a Business Sprint to Sterling Geo which helped to evolve the company’s business plan.
  • Introduced Sterling Geo to multiple organisations: Catapult has introduced Sterling Geo to local authority, national government and commercial organisations.
  • Encouraged further funding: Catapult engaged with potential investors to confirm the value of the associated market opportunity to company owners. This resulted in additional investment into Sterling Geo.
  • Offering facilities: Sterling Geo has used Catapult’s facilities such as its cloud based computing environment (CEMS), hot desks and office facilities.
  • Networking opportunities: Sterling Geo has built partnerships with Harwell- based companies as a result of Catapult workshops and other networking opportunities.

Whilst the benefit brought by the emergence and subsequent partnership with the Satellite Applications Catapult in the last three years is unequivocal, the best is yet to come. Recent developments and support from the Catapult will create the platform for a fundamental shift in our growth. As a company we aim to grow from a turnover of £1.5m to £20m in the next 4 years.

– Phil Cooper, Chief Innovation Officer and Director


Click here to download the full Sterling Geo Impact report.

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