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Northern Ireland Space


The Northern Ireland Space Office (NISO) supports regional space cluster development and highlights regional capabilities both nationally and internationally. NISO works closely with InvestNI, the Regional Business development Agency, ADS the national Aerospace, Defence and Security trade association and the UK Space Agency to signpost opportunities for collaboration and commercial growth.

The role of NISO is to support development of the regional space cluster on the international stage and provide an entry point for those interested in developing relations and opportunities with Northern Ireland stakeholders and actors and facilitate meaningful knowledge exchange. NISO facilitates dialog and collaboration between Northern Ireland based companies and institutions and potential commercial partners, end users and clients.

See the Northern Ireland Space Office strategy document here.

Key Contacts

Robert Hill

Organisation: NISO
Role: Head of NISO

Kelly Murphy

Organisation: Invest NI
Role: Client facing manager

Facilities & Assets

  • Andor Technology

  • Andor Technology in Belfast has a range of high-performance camera solutions for Astronomy, including single photon sensitivity.

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  • The Centre for Wireless Innovation at Queen’s University Belfast

  • The UK’s largest research, development and exploitation base in Physical Layer wireless, and is researching antenna designs for space applications.

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Partners & Academic Institutions

  • ADS Northern Ireland Space Special Interest Group (NISSIG)

  • NI companies and organisations with an interest in space. 

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  • Invest NI

  • Regional Development Agency for Northern Ireland.

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  • Northern Ireland Space Leadership Council

  • Comprised of senior representatives from the leading prime organisations, SME’s, local government / public sector and academic stakeholders from both world class universities engaged in the space sector. 

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  • Queen’s University Belfast

  • One of the UK’s leading research intensive universities

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Technical Focus

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Market Focus

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