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Catapult Satellite Applications

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Earth and Sea Observation System

A world-leading decision support platform that drives improved monitoring and management of environmental challenges.

‚ÄčEASOS is a platform designed to provide high value decision support to tackle country specific environmental, security, and human challenges. Through its intelligent way of fusing data from terrestrial and satellite sources, EASOS provides knowledge on a wide variety of topics to different government departments on a local, regional, and international scale.

EASOS has a vision to build UK industry and academia's capability for export and to address UN Sustainability Development Goals. It is seeking to expand its capabilities and is constantly looking for suppliers and distributors to help its range of applications grow.


EASOS Applications

EASOS aims to tackle environmental, security, and human challenges.

Flood Watch

EASOS Flood Watch is a state-of-the-art application capable of defining areas of a country at risk of flooding, forecasting up to 7 days in advance

Marine Watch

EASOS Marine Watch assists in identifying incidents of marine pollution, forecast the pollution dispersal whilst identifying vessels that might be responsible.

Forest Watch

EASOS Forest Watch aims to help reduce deforestation by enabling timely intervention of illegal logging, actionable intelligence, and access to deforestation alerts.

The Future

EASOS is only limited by the imagination of its end-users and can be easily extended to support more economic, environmental, security or sustainability issues.

Through the intelligent fusion of data from terrestrial and satellite sources, EASOS provides the latest in actionable intelligence allowing authorities to respond to events in a timely and decisive manner.

‚ÄčThrough EASOS, authorities have the potential to address major issues through a single platform, which is accessible through a secure web browser.

By providing authorities with the right information in a single Dashboard, EASOS can assist with planning and prevention, enabling them to realise long-term sustainable benefits to economies, environments, and civil protection.

Using EASOS, authorities have the ability to address major national issues through a single platform. The EASOS architecture allows fast and flexible development of satellite-based tools and applications tailored to each new specific issue.

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