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April Satuccino


UK Spaceports set for lift-off with passing of Space Industry Bill

Satellite Tech Firm Invests In UK Space Sector

Frequentis Partners with Altitude Angel to enable safe airspace integration of drones

Air traffic controllers partner with Altitude Angel to integrate drones safely in UK skies


Catapult Updates

Catapult Update 1 Sam Adlen, Chief Strategy Officer

This month we have had several new starters at the Catapult:

Tim Pinchin – Head of Marketing & Communications

I’ve joined the Catapult from an innovative technology consulting company who are working on AI and Robotics and I’m very excited about the possibilities for the UK Space Sector and the role of the Catapult at the heart of that. I look forward to meeting everyone and bringing along new ideas and innovative ways of working.

Chris Hobbs – Head of Business Strategy

Chris is the Head of Business Strategy at the Catapult, working with start-ups and SMEs on how to best commercialise their great technologies. This includes helping companies with business plans and models, and sources of finance. Chris has direct experience of running an SME in a technology-rich environment and the challenges that the sourcing of finance brings. If you have queries on your business model, your ‘go-to-market’ strategy or your base assumptions, Chris would be delighted to speak to you in more detail about how the Catapult can help.

Shannon O’Neill – Business Engagement Assistant

Shannon joined the Business Support team on 4 April as the new Business Engagement Assistant. She will be supporting all of your business support enquiries, requests for introductions, will be helping to organise Satuccino and will be running the Catapult Coffee Morning. Please join us in welcoming her to the Harwell Space community! Shannon can be contacted on Shannon.oneill@sa.catapult.org.uk

Catapult Update 2 Eloïse Marais New Research Fellow (Birmingham)

Eloise Marais is a Research Scientist from the University of Birmingham funded by the EPSRC to conduct four 3-week intensive residencies at Satellite Applications and Future Cities Catapults over the next 4 years to convert Earth observations of atmospheric composition and vegetation into user-friendly products. Her tool, called TRACE (Tool for Recording and Assessing the City Environment), will be designed to augment existing services provided by environmental consultants and used by city planners to monitor air quality and green spaces in cities. Eloise’s project will focus on 4 cities at different development stages: Birmingham (UK), Johannesburg/Pretoria (South Africa), Delhi (India), and Lagos (Nigeria). TRACE will be designed to have the versatility to be applied to any city in the world.

Catapult Update 3 Steve Spittle, Emerging Technology Lead in Digital Intelligence

The Catapult supports two business ideas competitions using satellite technology and data that offer cash prizes or business support packages.

The European Satellite Navigation Competition looks for new ideas using satellite positioning and navigation technology. The competition is structured around geographic regions and a series of challenges. The competition opens for entries on 1 May and closes on 31 July 2018. You can enter the UK region by completing a simple form at esnc.eu.

The Copernicus Masters looks for new ideas using Earth Observation data. The competition is structured around a series of Challenges and in 2018 we are supporting a Data Visualisation Challenge. Judges are looking for new solutions that apply data visualisation tools to Copernicus, and other EO data. Solutions should visualise data in a way that offers an interactive and user-friendly experience for customers.

The competition is open now for entries and closes on 30 June 2018. Enter by completing a form online at copernicus-masters.com.

Why to enter:

  • You get to be part of a huge European network of 100s of organisations
  • You will receive your award at a major European space event and award ceremony
  • You could win a place on their accelerator programme
  • You will receive business support packages tailored to your needs.

Finally, thank you to the competition supporters for 2018, the UK Space Agency, Innovate UK, STFC, Marks & Clerk and the Royal Institute for Navigation.

If you have any questions we are here to help – and we will be running information sessions around the UK so keep an eye on our website events pages.

Catapult Update 4 – Hazel Cattell, Project Manager

CommonSensing is an innovative international project based on a partnership between Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, and a consortium of international partners, working together to support and build climate resilience and enhance decision making through the use of satellite remote sensing technology. By developing satellite based information services that directly match challenges and needs, the project will support the three nations in their goals to strengthen capacity to access climate finance and report on climate funds; strengthen national and regional climate action policy; and reduce the impact and improved risk management of natural disasters and food security.

For more information, please contact hazel.cattell@sa.catapult.org.uk

Company pitches

Company Pitch 1 – Space Platform TechnologiesAdit Shah, Co-founder

Space Platform Technologies Ltd. (SPTL) are a start-up developing technologies for a sustainable future in space. To realise this, they are developing a satellite insertion, de-orbit and re-positioning service to help satellite operators maintain their assets and constellations better, extend their life and provide a safe way to capture non-operating and failed satellites to de-orbit them away from operating orbits.

As a part of this much bigger plan, SPTL is developing an autonomous satellite capture and docking system. For further information, or if interested in working with or joining SPTL, please contact adit.shah@spaceplatform.tech.

Company Pitch 2 – PICOsat Systems – Conrad Pires, Co-founder & CEO

Based in Perth, Australia, Picosat Systems is a small satellite solutions company that aims to reduce the barriers to space flight through its low cost pico-satellite platform.

This platform is able to provide Earth observation, telecommunications and location and timing capabilities to a wide range of industries including agriculture and defence. Its solutions include the provision of constellations, integration with third-party Earth-based solutions, data analytics and management of the satellite lifecycle. Picosat Systems is currently developing a low cost telecommunications solution for the Internet-of-Things in the resources industry. It recently verified its satellite deployer technology in zero-gravity and is planning to launch its technology demonstrator satellite, OzQube-1, in 2019. For more information, please contact conrad@picosat.systems

Company Pitch 3 – SpottittLucy Kennedy, Founder and CEO

Spottitt are the only SaaS company providing fully automated, on-demand complex analysis of commercial and open source satellite imagery for any location in the world. No need for consultants or expensive in-house expertise and specialist software. All our customers need to articulate is: What question do I want answered? For what location? The automated processes take care of the rest, quickly delivering complex analyses based on the most recent satellite imagery and data.

Spottitt ENERGY is now commercially available and supporting its first customers. It’s range of fully automated, on-demand analyses help renewable energy developers make better site selection decisions and reduces their time to market.

Spottitt are seeking investment to finance growth and service development and will be pitching at the European Space Agency’s Investor Forum on 20th April at the London Stock Exchange. To find out more about our services or Spottitt as a downstream space application investment opportunity please contact lucy.kennedy@spottitt.com

Cross-over to Extra-shot – East Midlands Centre of Excellence

Extra-shot pitch 1 – Arnaud Drapier

Arnaud Drapier (Knowledge Transfer Officer @ University of Leicester) gave a brief description of the Leicester Innovation Hub which was hosting the “Satuccino extra-shot”.  The Leicester Innovation Hub (LIH) started its operations approximately 12 months ago with monies from the  ERDF funding.  Its mission consists of facilitating collaborations and knowledge transfer between academia and business communities.  Funding as well as support through innovation and entrepreneurship led activities is available to start-ups, early stage and established businesses.

More recently, the LIH has been developing the Space Industries Accelerator with funding from the UK Space Agency, a brand new pre-incubation programme for business ideas in the space industries.

For more information, please contact Arnaud: ad465@le.ac.uk; 0116 373 6435

Extra-shot pitch 2 – Kumar Pancholi, Business Development Manager, IMGeospatial

An international automated analytics company. Creating automatically smarter products based on machine learning, artificial intelligence, automatic feature extraction, remote sensing and multi-scopic data. Providing solutions to a variety of challenges faced by many industry sectors across the globe.

Extra Shot pitch 3 – Christopher Nankervis, CTO Weather Logistics Ltd

Weather Logistics is a start-up based in Nottingham that specialises in seasonal climate prediction. They provide local forecasts of daily weather risks (at 5km), such as air frosts, heat waves and extremes to manage agricultural risks up to 4 months in advance. Their current development is a summer rainfall prediction system using ESA ATSR satellite data. This is supported by a UK Space Agency grant through the Space Placements in Industry (SPIN) scheme. Their weather data has been trialled in the UK to optimise operations in the field with the vision to secure fresh produce supply.

Extra-shot pitch 4 – Stephen Wright

Stephen Wright has joined the team at the East Midlands Centre of Excellence as Business Development Manager

Cluster Pitches

Cluster pitch – STFC – Joanna Hart, Harwell Space Cluster Development Manager

Harwell Space Cluster: 80 space organisations employing 800 people. Want to find out more? The Harwell Space Cluster brochure gives details about these space organisations; some are developing equipment and satellites to go into space, some are using data generated in space to deliver new services and solutions, others are using space technology to address other market sectors. Do get in touch if you would like to be part of the exciting future of the Harwell Space Cluster which is demonstrating multidisciplinary innovation everyday.

You can read the brochure by clicking here.

Cluster pitch – Westcott Business Incubation Centre – Heni Sanislova, Business Incubation Centre Manager

Call for Applications for the Westcott BIC is now open!

Are you an early stage business working in rocket propulsion and related technologies? Are you an entrepreneur developing products and services based on future 5G technology and infrastructure? Are you working on commercial drone applications?

Apply now for a place at the Westcott Business Incubation Centre near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. www.wbic.org.uk

Along with early access to 5G connectivity using our 5G testbed and access to rocket propulsion test facilities on site, you will benefit from hands-on technical support, help with prototyping, partnerships, mentoring, co-working space – all as part of  a fully funded incubation package supported by the European Regional Development Fund and the UK Space Agency. We have limited places available and only the best applications will be funded. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to kick-start your business – find out more and apply at www.wbic.org.uk now.

Have a great idea but don’t have a fully developed business proposition? You can also apply for a  research grant of up to £5k to help further evolve your idea. Send us a short overview now to support@wbic.org.uk.

Cluster pitch – UK Space Agency, Charlie Haire, International Directorate

The UK Space Agency is responsible for all strategic decisions on the UK civil space programme and provides a clear, single voice for UK space ambitions. UKSA’s priority is for the UK to capture 10% of the global market for space by 2030.

To support this growth ambition Charlie will represent UKSA in the Space Growth Partnership (a joint UK Industry and Government collaboration) and lead their input into the investment and export working groups. Charlie is interested in meeting UK based companies to understand their ambitions to export and gain an insight into the next big industry trends.

Cluster pitch 4 – Mark Jarman, Head of EO Domain and Agri-Tech Lead at the Satellite Applications Catapult

Newton Colombia Agri-Tech Opportunity

Innovate UK has over GBP 2 mil (through the Newton Fund) to deploy business ecosystem support in Colombia and India to maximise innovation capacity. GBP 1 mil is being made available to UK Catapults over 2 years in order to deliver to develop solutions to societal needs.

The Satellite Applications Catapult visited Colombia in mid-Feb to  undertake project scoping activities alongside the Manufacturing Technology Centre  (MTC) and Energy Systems Catapults. Following the visit, the MTC and Satellite Applications Catapult have agreed to work together to develop a project focused on improving the quality and productivity of Colombia’s Cocoa production. If successful we will be creating opportunities for UK businesses wishing to support this project starting early summer 2018.

Agri-tech Catalyst Colombia Call

UK and Colombian businesses, not-for-profits and research organisations can apply for a share of £3 million to support the uptake of new technologies and innovations in the Colombian Agriculture sector, particularly by female smallholder farmers.

The Colombian Prosperity Fund Programme and Innovate UK will invest up to £3 million in innovation projects to address challenges facing the agriculture sector in post-conflict and conflict-affected regions of Colombia, through the Agri-tech Catalyst Colombia. The Satellite Applications Catapult will look to scope a project submission based upon acquired knowledge as part of the Newton Fund visit. We are interested in engaging with companies looking to work in Colombian Agri-Tech to generate a project.

If looking to find out more please contact mark.jarman@sa.cataputl.org.uk


Next months event – Wednesday 2nd May – Register here

Pre-Satuccino Sessions:

10:00-12:30 Innovate UK – Competitions briefing

13:00-14:30 ViaSat, Intro to new product under development (Viasat Satellite WiFi Appliance (VSWA) )

Next Extra-shot:

Southampton – National Oceanography Centre – Register here

More Information:

If you would like to know more about Satuccino, or to get in touch regarding Business Support at the Catapult, please email us at marketing@sa.catapult.org.uk or call us on 01235 567999.

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