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December Satuccino

Thank you to everyone who attended the Satuccino on Wednesday 6 December. See below for the updates.

Catapult Update 1 – Edmond Boulle, IP landscaping and PatSnap availability

Research conducted in the commercial sector is often not publicly available until a relevant patent is filed, so for a complete picture of the latest developments, patent data can be a very useful to analyse the competitive IP landscape and trends in innovation. PatSnap is a leading patent intelligence platform that allows non-expert users to make sense of large amounts of data held across multiple patent databases, carry out ‘white space’ (freedom to operate) research and identify incumbent and emerging companies with complementary or competing technology.

The Satellite Applications Catapult has partnered with PatSnap to offer a facility at the Catapult for companies interested in carrying out research on the competitive IP landscape they are operating or seeking to operate in. If you are interested in finding out more about the platform or booking a session to use facility, please contact our IP Manager, Edmond Boulle (edmond.boulle@sa.catapult.org.uk). Please note, the facility is intended to aid competitive IP landscape analysis and companies seeking specific advice on patentability and freedom to operate should consult a registered patent attorney.

Catapult Update 2 –  ESNC competition – UK Winner announcement

Congratulations to DriverNet for winning the UK arm of the ESNC competition this year by using GNSS to deliver value to the logistics industry in three key ways; reducing injury and death, reducing costs incurred through damage, and reducing the CO2 emissions of idling vehicles (Full press release)

DriverNet is a logistics network and mobile app that connects any driver to any site by sharing information among drivers, driver management systems and customers. This results in lower emissions, better driver and customer experiences, and improved all-round performance. The DriverNet app bridges the service gap that has led 5 million commercial vehicle drivers in the UK to fall back on navigation services designed for cars and consumers. Due to the cost of specialist HGV satnav services, many drivers use Google Maps or Apple Maps on smartphones, or TomTom or Garmin devices. These services fail to do three major things: Provide the advance delivery information drivers need, guide them to the correct “goods-in” delivery point, and notify customers before they arrive.

The DriverNet app is a plug-and-play service that provides all these services in one solution, along with additional advantages:

› Connects any driver to any customer or site in real time across a national logistics Network
› Easy access through the web or mobile devices
› Quick and easy registration of users After registering, users only have to upload their site profiles to get immediate access to a customer facing app, which then connects them to any delivery in real time.

DriverNet is looking forward to collaborating with the Satellite Applications Catapult and other companies within the network. For more information please contact Ant Chisnall, CEO ant.chisnall@driver-net.com

Company Pitch 1 – Marco Morelli – SIHealth

siHealth Ltd is a UK start-up based in Harwell, focused on smart solutions in Health & Wellness, exploiting satellite data for providing innovative services on smartphone and tablets supporting healthy life style and diseases prevention.

They have have developed and scientifically validated a smart solution for personal solar photoprotection. It’s based on real-time satellite data and on a method for determining skin sensitivity to UV radiation. The system, called HappySun, is a satellite enabled technology to measure the sun’s effects on your body and recommends how to get the best of its rays. All in one application. Its’ the first system for controlling of the exposures to solar UV rays based only on real time satellite monitoring (and not on weather predictions).

They are Interested in collaborative opportunities with other organisation interested in the product or who might be able to use UV ray measurement data for other applications. For more information please contact Dr Marco Morelli marco.morelli@sihealth.co.uk

Company Pitch 2 –Point4 UK Limited

  • Point4, the UK leader in the effective and efficient mitigation of tree risk to critical infrastructure, has been awarded a grant by the European Space Agency’s (“ESA”) Business Applications Programme to support a jointly funded €2.1M project, within the Artes 20 programme, to better manage network risk to power distribution services from vegetation growth. The project will run until March 2020 and includes three of the UK’s distribution network operators (“DNOs”): UK Power Networks, Scottish Power Energy Networks and Western Power Distribution. As part of the project, Point4 is partnering with Inmarsat and Galaxy1 to provide space segment services, including transferring onsite geo-spatial data via Inmarsat’s BGAN satellite network (full press release)
  • Point 4 was nominated in 4 categories at the recent Energy Innovation Awards. They were highly commended for the ‘Best Electricity Network Improvement’ of 2017.
  • Our team is in Orlando this week speaking at the Vegetation Management Conference. This is very timely because of the recent floods and fires in the USA causing major disruption to critical services.

 For more information please contact Fred Verkroost, Chairman fverkroost@point4geo.com

Company Pitch 3 – IsardSAT

Founded a decade ago in Barcelona, isardSAT has since expanded to two additional locations, Poland and the UK. We are a research and services provider enterprise in the Earth Observation Field, specialised in Altimetry, Passive Microwave and SAR Imaging. The UK office has been operational since 2013, and secured ESA funding in its first year of operation.

isardSAT’s main areas of expertise include: Algorithm Development, Instrument Calibration, Geophysical Validation,Toolboxes as well as dissemination & outreach. Some of on-going projects & services we have include Calibration of CryoSat and Sentinel-3, Soil Moisture (1km res.) with a locust prediction service, Cryosat + Mountain Glaciers (increase of resolution by 400%), Water level time-series, Globcurrent (geostrophic currents), BASE platform (bathymetry), Emissions monitoring and many more!

Experiences and interests include FP7, H2020, Eurostars, ESA calls both as leads and partners. We are looking for funding collaborators and End-users for our products. For more information contact Dr. Chandra Amber Taposeea, R&D Scientific & Technical Manager chandra.taposeea@isardSAT.co.uk

Company Pitch 4 –Tcarta Marine

  • TCarta launched The Bathymetrics Data Portal in September 2017 (Press release). This service allows satellite derived sea floor depth data (bathymetry) to be purchased instantly, and downloaded directly to a customer’s desktop. Please get in touch with us if you have a need for bathymetry data, or wish to discuss partnering to apply our bathymetry data inside your applications.
  • TCarta are now embarking on a new ESA IAP Feasibility Study in partnership with Kings College London to understand the viability of using vehicle counts extracted from satellite imagery, as the primary input to highly detailed emissions and air quality models. We would like to hear from you if you have an interest in utilising air quality data within your business.

For more information please contact Richard Flemmings, Operations Director rf@tcarta.com

Company Pitch 5 – Videni3D Limited

Videni3D provides a software toolkit that enables machines to understand the world and make decisions based upon the objects in it. The software processes 3D point cloud data from any type of sensor in real time (including LiDAR, stereoscopic imagery and satellite photogrammetry), generates 3D visualisations of the scene and uses artificial intelligence to identify and track objects within the environment. A highly efficient architecture allows processing on resource constrained platforms at the edge of the network at the point of sensor data collection.

The toolkit enables applications in autonomous vehicle guidance and hazard detection, automatic asset tracking, retail footfall measurement, 3D map generation and volumetric security and surveillance.

We are currently looking for customers and strategic partners who we can help bring commercial solutions based on our toolkit to market. We are open to collaboration in grant funded projects or to creating proof of concept demonstrations with a view to securing a commercial deployment.  For more information please contact Jeremy Copp, CEO jeremy.copp@videni3d.com

Company Pitch 6 – Earth.i

  • End of Year Special! Earth-i are offering 50% off all KOMPSAT satellite imagery from the archive for orders placed in December. So if you are looking for 70cm, 40cm or x -band SAR get in touch with Gareth Crisford Gareth.Crisford@Earthi.co.uk.
  • Earth-i has commissioned a further five satellites from Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) for its new Earth Observation constellation. The Constellation will be first in the world to provide full-colour video – and the first European-owned constellation to provide both video and still images. This constellation is a major leap forward for the Earth Observation industry providing a number of innovative capabilities.
  • The prototype service demonstrator satellite to Antrix in India for launch – both huge milestones in Earth-i’s progress.
  • The Earth-i team has grown by more than 50% and continues to recruit, current vacancy details here

Company Pitch 7 – LTS

LTS International (LTS) is a consultancy and project management firm established in 1973 to support sustainable development worldwide. Our team of foresters, governance experts and GIS & remote sensing professionals specialise in designing and developing innovative tools, based on high-resolution EO and geo-spatial datasets, to monitor forest and land cover changes over time and their effects on local communities, to inform decisions and interventions towards sustainable natural resource management.

We are currently working on a World Bank project called Satellite Monitoring for Forest Management, which objective is to design EO tools for land use mapping as well as deforestation & forest degradation mapping within dry forest ecosystems. These tools will enable partner countries (Mozambique and Zambia), as well as the global community, to implement EO forest monitoring for sustainable forest change management at the national scale.

LTS is also collaborating with the Catapult doing Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) work for 2 IPP projects (including the Malaysia EASOS project). We are looking to continue to promote our project activities and potentially find other organisations that have overlapping interests in which we could collaborate in future opportunities for both for our EO/GIS and M&E work. For more information please contact Simone Vaccari, Consultant simone-vaccari@ltsi.co.uk

Cluster pitch  1– STFC

Dr Joanna Hart from STFC started as the Harwell Space Cluster Development Manager a month ago. Prior to joining STFC, Joanna was the Head of Evaluation & Impact at Satellite Applications Catapult.

Joanna is looking to help existing space companies at Harwell grow and attract more space related companies to Harwell. To help with this Joanna is going to produce a Space Cluster brochure and is keen to make sure that all Harwell Space Cluster companies are included in it, so please get in touch to make sure you are in. Contact: Joanna Hart  Joanna.hart@stfc.ac.uk

Cluster pitch 2 – Horizon2020

To support UK coordinators and partners involved in proposal development for the 2018 Horizon 2020 space call, a clinic is being held in London on the 9th January. You will have the opportunity to ask for advice and guidance from Catherine Holt, the H2020 Space NCP and Ed Chester, an experienced H2020 space evaluator.

Ed Chester is a spacecraft systems engineer turned into an innovation manager and technical consultant. He has worked in the space industry for over 15 years, principally in mission operations and in system design and analysis. Through FP7 he has been involved in project evaluations for the European Commission in space topics, and this continues through H2020. In recent years he has also supported evaluations as rapporteur for INSO and vice chair for Societal Challenge 6 calls. Ed was a project officer for CEOI-ST looking after fast-track, pathfinder and GEI projects until this was all brought in-house at UKSA. This also involved participating in assessments for NSTP calls, but broadly addressing the same factors: what is the idea – why is it worthwhile for the public to invest in you – what will the benefits be – and how credible is the whole plan to make it happen? Ed has read a great many proposals, written more than his fair share – for clients as well as his own organisations – and has participated in dozens of evaluation consensus meetings. Knowing how evaluation works informs how to make winning proposals.

Each one to one session will be for one hour and you can use this time to look at key sections, general queries or any other issues or questions you might have. Following the clinic, coordinators are being offered the opportunity to have their proposal evaluated by Ed and receive feedback, with the aim of improving the quality of your final proposal.

The clinic is open to any UK organisation involved in the preparation of a H2020 space proposal for the 2018 call. If you would like to take part in the clinic and/or proposal evaluation, please email NCP-Space@innovateuk.gov.uk and you will be contacted to arrange times and details. 

Cluster pitch 3 – Innovate UK

A heads up that Innovate UK are planning another round of the Emerging and Enabling Technologies (E&E) competition in which Space Applications is one innovation area. The competition hasn’t yet been formally announced but is anticipated to open in the second half of January and is intended to run for just over two months.

Those who applied to the previous round i.e. Round 3, will be told if they’ve been successful by the end of January and feedback will be received shortly after. For more information please contact Carol Sunderland, Innovation Lead, Space sector, Innovate UK Carol.Sunderland@innovateuk.gov.uk

Next Satuccino

The next Satuccino will be held on Wednesday 7 February, at 14:30. Click here to register.

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