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February Satuccino

06/02/2019 14:30pm

Company Pitches:

Company Pitch 1: Dr Jameel Marafie, Co-founder and CEO, Headlight AI

Headlight AI is a sensor AI software company that is making sensors smarter. It does this by applying compressive deep learning to large data sets of multi-sensor data, identifying correlations and information that was previously not captured. It has developed techniques to process vast quantities of multi-modal sensor data in near real-time for infrastructure monitoring and autonomous systems and is developing processes to overcome environmental limitations of sensors, such as those operating in poor visibility, caused by fog, heavy rain, and snow.

Headlight AI is currently conducting technology trials and grant projects in the water, rail, and manufacturing industries. However, it is seeking opportunities that involve the use of multi-sensor systems on satellites (e.g. LiDAR, radar, and various forms of imagery) for environmental monitoring or other remote sensing applications. Through the use of its technology, it can extend sensor capabilities, see beyond obscurants, and process data much faster.

Company Pitch 2: Dr Hira Virdee, Founder and CEO, Lumi Space

Power in space is both limited and expensive – current satellites are limited by how much power they receive from the Sun. Lumi are developing laser ground stations which will provide more light to satellite solar panels. We aim to double the power available to LEO satellite platforms in the next 5 years. By increasing the amount of power available, we hope to see exciting and new satellite applications – including power during an eclipse, increased data bandwidth and improved satellite lifetime.

We are developing partnerships with satellite operators. If power is limiting your satellite development and application, we’re keen to chat – whether that’s balancing a power budget, the cost of current power systems or the limitation of current payloads

Company Pitch 3: Sam Murphy, CEO, EarthScope

Earthscope enables the agricultural sector to monitor crops and predict yield using satellite data and machine learning combined with unique ground truth data.

They are a brand new startup – straight out of Entrepreneur First – and are negotiating a paid pilot for a large vertically integrated company that wants to increase the traceability of one of their commodities.

If you are (or know someone) in the agricultural commodity sector then please contact them at

Extra Shot:

Andy Bennett, Knowledge Transfer Manager for Space, Knowledge Transfer Network

The KTN is the UK’s network of networks with over 140,000 innovators from academics to experts in R&D intensive organisations. We cover all sectors in the UK from manufacturing to materials, design to artificial intelligence and infrastructure to space. We can help you connect across sectors and deliver you products and services to the markets that need them. Over the coming months we will be kicking off activity in our Geospatial Insights Special Interest Group (SIG) with the aim to pioneer broader access to, and smarter use of geospatial data to grow new commercial services providing actionable insight.

We are looking at two other key opportunities around developing a commercial microgravity offering in the UK and investigating the supply chain for space propellant tanks. Please get in touch to find out more.

We are also recruiting for a Geospatial KTM to help us deliver the SIG. Details can be found here:

Anushka Sharma, Founder of Naaut and Co-Founder of London Space Network

Our inaugural event in January blew us away with 70+ attendees from across the space industry. For February we are hosting drinks at the Mad Bishop and Bear pub inside Paddington Station. The London Space Network is organising monthly happy hours across London to build and strengthen the UK space community. Do you work/aspire to work in the space sector? Are you looking to meet people from across the space industry?

Register on Eventbrite and we hope to see you there

CogX 2019, The Festival for All Things AI and Emerging Technology is taking place from 10 to 12 June, in Kings Cross, London.  If you your business is applying Artificial Intelligence in the Space sector or you’d like more information about how to get involved please contact her

Bob Franklin & Anna Coast, Teloconsulting

Teloconsulting is an independent firm that advises on the impact of strategic finance, regulatory and commercial issues in digital communications, radio spectrum and space sectors.

They provide specialist advice in three main areas:

  • Market insight and financial impact assessments for companies and new ventures using rigorous financial techniques, business plans, valuation methods and costing techniques
  • Policy and strategy advice to Governments, regulators, universities, operators, economic consultants and professional law firms, including for public consultations and litigation
  • And we care about developing people, offering clients confidential executive search, mentoring, industry briefing and finance master class training workshops.

The firm has many years’ experience. Bob and Anna are well-respected finance experts and qualified accountants, with previous employment in international professional accounting firms and Anna has career experience in law firms and speaks several languages. They have also both been senior finance executives in quoted operating companies in the sector.

Our recent article “Is Finance a Final Frontier for Space Today? Can be found at:

Contact Teloconsulting:
Anna Coast:
Bob Franklin:

Martine Harvey, Open University, SPRINT

The Open University is one of the partners on SPRINT which is an SME support programme that gives funding for access to research expertise and university facilities. £4.8m of funding support is available and SPRINT accepts submissions on a monthly basis from SMEs looking to access support from one of the partner universities. If you are an SME and would like to find out more, please get in touch with Martine: or take a look at the website:

Stephen Ringler, CEO and Founder, Space Store

Space Store aims to be the retailer for the Space Industry and bring space experience to everyone, everywhere, every day.  We’ll be launching our new e-commerce site for space organisations in a few weeks’ time, check out the draft site at: If you’d like to partner with us, please get in touch with

Cluster Pitches:

Cluster Pitch 1: Freddie Martin, Local Growth Strategy Manager, UK Space Agency

The UK Space Agency’s Local Growth Team is responsible for ensuring every region of the UK realises the potential of our growing space economy. We work with partners across the country to promote space opportunities, align investment and stimulate growth through incubation, business support and knowledge exchange.

The UK Space Agency has recently published the latest update of its UK Space Industry Size and Health Survey. The report highlights the space sector has seen significant growth in income, exports and employment and continues to outperform the wider UK economy. The report also reveals an increase in the number of organisations involved in sspace-relatedactivities right across the UK.  We are committed to building on this success and the survey will help us and our partner organisations support growth in the space economy and realise the potential of the sector across the whole UK.

The full report can be found here:

You can contact the local growth team:

Cluster Pitch 2: Natasha Allden, Founder and CEO, Multiply Space

MULTIPLY enables space companies to scale fast, reaching new markets and ultimately creating a thriving space industry globally. Uniquely, they do this by focussing on technology transfer, alternative markets and creative business models. Embedding a scale-up mentality with their clients that realises nearer-term revenue opportunities.

Working with corporates, SMEs and scale-ups across space, aerospace, energy, defence and downstream digital companies across the globe. MULTIPLY provide three key services built on over 50 years of experience that sees companies not only transform their balance sheets but also their industry:

  • Commercial strategy
  • Customer engagement
  • Technology maturation

MULTIPLY is multiplying fast with a broad cross-industry team including MOD, corporate and start-up expertise, we are offering companies the opportunity to take advantage of a free 20 minute video conference consultation until the end of March 2019 on what scaling could look like for your company.

If you’d like to take advantage of this offer please contact

Cluster Pitch 3: Ian Downey, UK Ambassador Platform Network Coordinator, ESA Business Applications

“Kick-start Activity” is ESA Business Application’s most recent funding scheme, launched in 2017. Kick-start Activities are designated to enable companies, particularly SMEs, to undertake compact Feasibility Studies that explore new service and application concepts which make use of space capabilities. Successful Kick-start Activities can be further developed into commercially-viable businesses with follow-up support from ESA Business Applications in the form of a Demonstration Project. Activities will be funded at 75%, with ESA providing up to €60,000 per contract. The Thematic Calls for Kick-start Activities are open to any industry in participating Member States. The Invitations to Tender for Kick-start Activities are divided into Thematic Calls.  In the first half of 2019, five calls will be launched:

Check out the latest ESA Business Applications funding opportunities here:

Satellite Applications Catapult
+44 (0)1235 567999
We help organisations make use of, and benefit from, satellite technologies, and bring together multi-disciplinary teams to generate ideas and solutions in an open innovation environment.

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