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July Satuccino

1 July 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Click here to watch the webinar recording

June Satuccino Webinar Pitcher Updates

Speaker Information

Satellite Applications Catapult Update 

 Heather Garrick, Sustainable Development Lead, Satellite Applications Catapult 


We have recently launched the new Sustainable Development web page with an overview of our current programme and three focus areas: Corporate Sustainability, Climate & Sustainable Economies, and Conservation Technology & Natural Capital. Please keep an eye on this page for some of our exciting new projects kicking off soon! 
We are also launching a new ‘Satellites for Sustainable Development’ (Sats4SD) community of interest and knowledge hub: 
If you are interested in expanding your professional network, promoting your organisation and staying up to date on all the latest activities and opportunities in this space, then please join our Sats4SD community through our web page. 
The Sats4SD Knowledge Hub will provide access to resources for governments, NGOs, academia, and businesses that would like to learn more about market opportunities and the capabilities of satellite technology for sustainable development. If you would like to publish a resource on our knowledge hub, please submit it for review on our web page. 
There are some more exciting opportunities for business to get involved in our Sustainable Development activities coming soon, so please keep an eye out. If you sign up to our Sats4SD community, you will be one of the first to know. 
Please find our new web page here: 

And get in touch, if you have any questions: 


Ashweeni Beeharee, Head of Communication Systems Engineering, Satellite Applications Catapult 


Ashweeni will give an overview of the 5G-MOBIX project, which is evolving solutions to potential problems in the use of 5G for autonomous vehicles across country borders. Any loss in connectivity could be extremely dangerous, and therefore a solution using satellite could be vital to autonomous vehicle developments. Read more about the project here: 


Sector and Funding Updates

Simon Agass, Lead Technologist for Space Applications, UK Space Agency

A brief introduction to the Space For Smarter Government Programme and its Data Procurement Initiative. 

Dr Sarah Nash, Business Development Manager, STFC RAL Space 

RAL Space are delighted to have installed the Large Space Test Chamber in the National Satellite Test Facility (NSTF). Measuring 8m by 16m externally and big enough to test a 7 tonne, mini-bus sized satellite, it is the largest in the UK and amongst the giants of Europe. 

Over the past few weeks, the chamber completed a long and complex journey from Italy, where it was manufactured, to be installed in the NSTF, which can now be completed around it. The facility will be operated by STFC’s RAL Space, and as part of the NSTF will become a will become an important part of the Harwell Space Cluster and UK space sector ecosystem. 

Join this session to learn a little more about the journey this chamber has already been on as well as its future at Harwell. 

Sue O’Hare, ESA BIC UK Operations Manager, Science and Technology Facilities Council 

Andy Williams, ESA Business Applications Ambassador for South West England & South Wales, ESA Business Applications Regional Ambassador Platform 

Andy is the new* (*since March!) regional Ambassador for ESA Business Applications in South West England and South Wales. Here to support regional businesses in accessing funding from the ESA Business Applications. The open call funding mechanism offers zero equity funding from €60k to €2M+ and successful applicants get commercial and technical guidance, access to an extensive network of partner and the credibility through ESA branding. Proposal concepts must be business-focused and user-driven and utilise space based assets or technologies. Contact Andy if you want to find out more. ( 

Helen Swift  

Public Affairs Manager, Space, Airbus 

Luca Budello, Geospatial Lead, Knowledge Transfer Network 

#ThePowerofPlace – A Sustainable Future with Geospatial Insights 
Webinar Series and Publication 
We are on the edge of a geospatial transformation. What started as a simple data set is now becoming a powerful geospatial knowledge infrastructure, integrating data from a plethora of other sources. These rich new insights translate into better decision-making, catalysing new products and services across all industries. It also has the potential to add billions to our economy, boost the quality of life among our communities, and help protect our planet. 
To explore the challenges and opportunities presented by geospatial intelligence, Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) and Ordnance Survey (OS) have collaborated on ‘The Power of Place – 
A Sustainable Future with Geospatial Insights’, a thought leadership publication that explores the changing landscape of location intelligence and what it means for business as usual. Download here: 
To launch the publication, KTN and OS will be running a series of four webinars exploring the innovation landscape, the economic opportunity and the role of geospatial insights in building a more sustainable, resilient future. 
#ThePowerofPlace – Webinar 1 – June 30, 2020 – 11 am BST – The Innovation Landscape – Register here: 
During the first session, we will look at the importance of building a collaborative economy, and its role in unlocking data from silos and uses collective intelligence tools to harnesses knowledge across sectors. We will also explore the importance of systems thinking and data ethics when creating resilient socio-economic infrastructures that are fit for a connected, autonomous future. 
#ThePowerofPlace – Webinar 2 – July 28, 2020 – 11 am BST – The era of the (geo)data economy 
In this second webinar, we bring forward the changing landscape of location intelligence and its implications for business as usual. We then discuss the emergence of a new and powerful data knowledge infrastructure, sitting at the nexus of spatial analysis, artificial intelligence and cloud-based computing, making note of the trends in the geospatial data market. 
#ThePowerofPlace – Webinar 3 – August 26, 2020 – 11 am BST – – A Sustainable Future with Location Intelligence 
In this third webinar, we reflect on the role that geospatial intelligence plays in supporting the delivery of positive change. From addressing global challenges to delivering a new framework for responsible investment, we showcase how geospatial is at the heart of building a digital ecosystem for planet Earth. 
#ThePowerofPlace – Webinar 4 – September 29, 2020 – 11 am BST – – Geospatial is Transforming Our World 
In this fourth and final webinar, we like to uncover the opportunity to build the autonomous, connected and people-centric world we all want to live in using location intelligence. From building the knowledge infrastructure that powers the smart cities of the future, to help construction managers to track assets in large scale civil engineering projects city officials to tackle pollution and carbon emissions via better monitoring, location intelligence is rapidly becoming a fundamental enabler of the connected and autonomous world we are building today. 
Save the dates – Registration to webinars will be available in due course. 


Business Pitches

Pouya Haschemi, co-CEO & co-founder, HOSTmi GmbH 

HOSTmi builds and operates the first space mobility platform for standardized space requirements management and matchmaking between space payloads and payload hosts (suborbital to deep space). HOSTmi uses its platform technology, on the one hand, to offer a B2B platform to global payload owners and carriers, and on the other hand, as a customizable Software-as-a-Service solution to dedicated carriers on a license base. 

John Auburn, Chief Commercial Officer and Director, UK, Astroscale 

 Steve Newbury, Managing Director, Ultima Forma 

Ultima Forma manufactures functionally graded metal parts, engineered with tailored material properties and design into performance structures. Parts are electroformed to provide advantages in; 
– lightweighting 
– thermal conductivity 
– electrical conductivity 
– RF 
– mechanical strength at elevated temperatures 
– multi-functional part designs 
The focus of the business is to provide new design opportunities to our customers 

Jai Dialani, Business Development, Leaf Space 


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