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June Satuccino


Archangel Imaging, based at Harwell Space Campus, has scooped the prize as part of the BT Infinity Awards which looks for innovative small and medium enterprises with expertise in artificial intelligence and robotics. The Oxfordshire company took home top spot for the digital defence enablement catergory after impressing judges with its technology which combines hyperspectral sensors and machine vision to better detect objects which could be missed by the human eye.

The financial services tycoon Peter Hargreaves has taken control this weekend of the Goonhilly satellite tracking station in Cornwall with bold plans to expand its services. Hargreaves has invested £24m in Goonhilly Earth Station (GES), a company founded by technology entrepreneur Ian Jones, who acquired the site from BT in 2014. The new deal will provide working capital to develop the business.

Company pitches

Peter Roberts, EMEA marketing director, Altair

Altair is focused on the development and broad application of simulation technology to synthesize and optimize designs, processes and decisions for improved business performance. With a 32-year track record for product design, advanced engineering software, on-demand computing technologies and enterprise analytics solutions, Altair consistently delivers a competitive advantage to more than 5,000 corporate clients representing the automotive, aerospace, government and defense, and consumer products verticals. Altair also has a growing client presence in the life sciences, financial services and energy markets.

Altair will be hosting a satellite design workshop on 13 June 2018, at the catapult. This free to attend workshop, hosted by Altair, will feature a mix of practical insights from some of Europe’s leading satellite designers, along with simulation best practices and demonstrations from Altair’s own industry specialists. Attendees will witness first-hand examples of how the latest digital design technologies are enabling our speakers to significantly reduce development time while injecting innovation into their products. You can register here.

Tanya Boardman, Director, Catena Space

Catena Space would like to invite you to an open meeting to find out about progress on their HATCH project (funded by  through H2020). The meeting will be held in Barcelona on June 25, but is also being live-streamed if you can’t travel to Spain. Other new developments include a new training course “Space Foundations” to run in 3 locations in September and October; and release of further details on SNUGS: an open source ground segment ops API, thanks to initial funding from UKSA through NSTP.

John Auburn, Director, Astroscale UK

ASTROSCALE has won a £4 million grant investment to help establish an In-Orbit Servicing Control capability through the Government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, supported through the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Extreme Environments Challenge.

Space debris is a major global issue, one that is damaging and destroying satellites, causing major commercial risks as well as to disruption here on Earth. This innovative new capability will be used to control ASTROSCALE’s ELSA-d mission which is comprised of two satellites, the Chaser and the Target. The Chaser will attach to the Target’s Docking Plate and de-orbit from the congested Low Earth Orbit and burn up upon atmospheric re-entry.

This project will establish a world leading capability in the UK at the Satellite Applications Catapult at Harwell to support space debris removal; in-orbit satellite servicing and other autonomous robotic applications both in space and non-space.

Manny Shar, Head of Analytics, Bryce Space

Bryce Space and Technology is an analytic consulting firm for space and satellite, cyber, and R&D clients. We help our clients turn technology into mission and business success.

Unlike management consulting generalists, our domain focus enables us to offer our clients cutting-edge expertise and data. Our proprietary, research-based models predict critical outcomes in space and technology – satellite market share, launch pricing, technology forecasting accuracy, and the cost of moving up the TRL scale to name just a few. We apply interdisciplinary analytic skills combined with deep domain knowledge of complex technology industries to meet the needs of government and commercial clients.

We believe industry leaders and policy makers require objective, data-driven analysis, free of vested interests and pre-conceptions, to make the right decisions. Bryce cultivates a culture of engagement and partnership with our clients, whose success we take personally.

Cluster pitches

Jane Ford, Communications Manager, UK Space

Jane has been working at UKspace for 5 years in her role as Communications Manager. During this time she has helped to grow the SME Forum from 6 members to 50. UK Space run two events each year for SMEs to engage with the Primes. Membership rates are low to encourage membership of the SME Forum. Members receive regular news, funding, event and industry news updates on a regular basis. Where possible they negotiate preferential rates for SMEs to exhibit at events such as the UK Space Conference and Farnborough International Airshow.

Event Details:

Space Exports Forum #4

June 8 @ 9:30 am – 1:00 pm

In partnership with the Space Growth Partnership and UKspace, techUK is pleased to host the 4th meeting of the Space Exports Forum.

This is part of a new series of events supporting the UK’s Industrial Strategy, specifically helping any companies with an interest in space products and services to improve export performance.

Companies from outside the space sector, but who use space and satellite services, are especially welcome.

The meeting will cover the following:

  • Current status of the Space Growth Partnership and proposed Sector Deal
  • Exports recommendations in the sector deal and discussion around sector export strategy
  • High Value Campaign update & candidates (USA, India, China, Japan – TBC)
  • Future bi-laterals & cooperative missions

Joanna Hart, Harwell Space Cluster Development Manager, Harwell Campus

Having published the Harwell Space Cluster brochure (www.harwellcampus.com/media-centre/), Joanna Hart, Harwell Space Cluster Development Manager is now organising an event to publicise Harwell Space Cluster and the companies within it. The event on 14th June will highlight 5 companies: Rezatec, Thales Alenia Space, Open Cosmos, Effective Space and Oxford Space Systems and how the ecosystem here at Harwell is helping their growth. It will take place in Oxford Space Systems new HQ in the brand new Zephyr building and will bring investors and end customers to Harwell Campus, so that they can appreciate how the wide range of facilities, capabilities and expertise can help tackle their industrial challenges.

In other Harwell Campus news: the EnergyTec Cluster was launched on 9th May, along with the opening of the Faraday Institution, and on Wednesday the Rosalind Franklin Institute was formally launched, which is a key part of the HealthTec Cluster, bringing 240 researchers from 10 universities together. These Clusters enable collaboration, knowledge sharing and at the intersections opportunities for Multidisciplinary Innovation. If you want to know more about any of the Clusters at Harwell Campus, do get in touch with Joanna (Joanna.Hart@stfc.ac.uk).

Ann Swift, Innovation Fellow, South Coast Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications 

The South Coast Centre of Excellence is here to support companies in the region to access advice, support and expertise to help their business grow.

They are also now working with ESA to deliver a regional ambassador programme in the South East region so if you are thinking of accessing ESA Business Applications funding we are here to help.

Finally, this year we are developing a series of events around Defence, Sea, Space and Satellites to enable discussions which they hope will develop into collaborative programmes and support the growth of the space and downstream sector. This has been an area of opportunity identified by the Innovation South Science and Innovation Audit,  and they invite you to take part in this activity, either by becoming a speaker, or by attending the events and participating in the discussions.

You can contact ann here – ann.swift@port.ac.uk

Ian Downey, UK Ambassador Platform Network Coordinator, ESA Business Applications

ESA Business Applications offers funding and support to businesses from any sector who intend to use space (satellite navigation, earth observation, satellite telecommunication, space weather, space technologies) to develop new commercial services. Applications are open all year: businesses can either submit an open application for direct negotiation or apply to a competitive thematic opportunity.  Current opportunities:



  • 75% Match-funding, up to maximum of €60k from ESA
  • Opened 06/06/2018, Closes 16/07/2018



  • 100% fully-funded, c. €100-200k
  • Intended Tender, dates TBD


  • 100% fully-funded, c. €200k
  • Opened 09/04/2018, Closes 02/07/2018


  • Any topic
  • 50% Match-funding, flexible amounts c. €200k – €2M
  • Permanently open

Next Month

Register for the July Satuccino Summer BBQ on 4 July by clicking here

Register for the Pre-Satuccino Workshop: Pitching and Marketing with Video by clicking here

More Information

If you would like to know more about Satuccino, or to get in touch regarding Business Support at the Catapult, please email us at marketing@sa.catapult.org.uk or call us on 01235 567999.

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