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March Satuccino


Congratulations to the SMEs who have announced further successes this month:

Catapult Update 1 – Lucy Edge, Chief Operations Officer

The Satellite Applications Catapult is delighted to announce that Lucy Edge joined the company as Chief Operations Officer (COO) on 28 February 2018.

Lucy joins the Catapult with a career history in satellite technology, most recently working at Avanti Communications. During her time at Avanti, Lucy led the company’s team of 50 skilled staff at Goonhilly in Cornwall, where she was the Director of Spacecraft and Customer Operations, responsible for Avanti’s satellite operations strategy for their fleet.

Lucy is a passionate advocate for regional economic development, holding Non-Executive Director roles at the Eden Project, the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership, and is a Governor at Truro and Penwith College.

Catapult Update 2 – Nick Veck, Special Advisor to the CEO

Nick Veck in representation of the Satellite Applications Catapult, has been working a little with Portugal on a global initiative called “Atlantic Interactions” and the so-called AIR Centre.

Nick would like to see the UK more involved in this, as (especially in a post-BREXIT world), there are lots of economic opportunities for the UK in this part of the Blue Economy. Ireland is also a little more involved than we are already, but perhaps we can put together a UK team including the Catapult, maybe using ESA’s Call for a kick-start activity for the Atlantic Area, or maybe using ESA’s EO Science for Society programme, both of which will open in Summer 2018.

  • Atlantic Interactions is an international initiative, led by Dr Manuel Heitor, Minister of Science for Portugal.
  • Various nations have “signed up”, including Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Spain and South Africa. UK appears to be an “observer”.

Nick is interested to pull together an informal UK “interest group” on the Atlantic, to ensure we engage properly with the initiative. If you would like to know more or be involved, please contact nick.veck@sa.catapult.org.uk

Cluster Update 1 – OpTek Systems – Celine White, Process Development Engineer.

OpTek Systems is a global provider of precision laser equipment and subcontract manufacturing services Headquartered in Abingdon with offices in North America and China.

With a wide range of laser sources covering the spectrum from UV to IR, OpTeK’s experience includes microhole drilling, micro-slits, milling, laser welding, surface treatment, fibre processing and much more from low volume proof of concept to high volume production. They work with a wide range of industries including Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, Defence, Power and Aerospace as well as Academia and Research Institutes. They are looking to make connections with people who may have use of what OpTek can provide. For more information please email celine.white@opteksystems.com

Cluster Update 2 – Telespazio VEGA Ltd – Jonathan Shears, Head Geo-Information Sales

Telespazio VEGA is part of a Catapult led team undertaking both geological and environmental studies to identify vegetation proxies for the presence of lithium. From multi-temporal analysis of thermal highs as well as relevant geological features a Geo-Vegetation Anomaly Map indirectly maps the presence of brines which could lead to the exploitation of lithium.

Alongside this, Telespazio is also developing novel classification techniques for creating an environmental baseline. This is critical in any extractive mining to enable mining companies and regulators to understand the environment prior to any extractive activity and monitor its evolution through the mining lifecycle to ensure the environment reverts back to its previous condition. To discuss and find out more please contact jonathan.Shears@telespazio.com

Cluster Update 3 – 2Excel Geosensing– William Oxford, Head of Remote Sensing

2Excel geospatial offers hyperspectral and photogrammetric processing, analysis and field collection services. They operate scientific grade hyperspectral cameras equally at home on the ground or installed in our PA-31 Navajo. In airborne configuration, these are accompanied by a medium format colour survey camera. On the ground, they operate the UK’s only dual field spectrometer supported by qualitative observations by their experienced ground truth team. Their internal development projects have successfully demonstrated the early detection of black grass and yellow rust in wheat and the classification of species and detection of disease in trees.

As a group, 2Excel offers an unrivalled service to develop and demonstrate new airborne remote sensing technologies using our proven ‘concept to capability’ process. They welcome contact from anyone wishing to discuss our services and access to free data. For more information please contact williamoxford@2excelaviation.com

Cluster Update 4 – Earth-i – Gareth Crisford, Sales & Business Development

This week members of the Earth-i team will be heading off to Silicon Valley to attend the SmallSat Symposium as they prepare to release the first data sets to the public.

Earth-I’s constellation of multiple satellites will provide clients with an assured and reliable stream of information based on multiple revisits of the same location, every day. And, as the constellation grows, its coverage and capabilities will only get better.

John and Adrian will be at the Symposium from 5-8 February 2018. For further details, please contact gareth.crisford@earthi.co.uk

Further Updates

UKspace – Jane Ford, Communications Manager

The Satellite Finance Network’s annual conference and trade show will take place at Inmarsat’s London office on 28 March 2018. The theme will be ‘Building on Success‘. For more details please click here or contact jane.ford@ukspace.org

SES & Harwell Campus Innovation & Technology Conference – March 13 @ 9:30 am – 5:30 pm.
Space technologies have become critical for commercial development in industrial applications, government service and mobile communications. This event, in collaboration with the UK Space SME Forum, aims to uncover the next generation of space applications. The event therefore brings together established leaders in the European space ecosystem, SMEs, start-ups and innovators to explore new opportunities for partnership and open innovation. For further details, please click here or contact marketing@sa.catapult.org.uk

Innovate UK – Catherine Holt, H2020 National Contact Point for Space: catherine.holt@innovateuk.gov.uk

UK’s Future Participation in Horizon 2020

A new statement on the UK’s involvement in Horizon 2020 has just been published by BEIS which outlines the ongoing participation in the programme. Following the publication of a Joint Report on progress during the first phase of negotiations is outlines that the UK and the EU fully intend for the UK’s eligibility in Horizon 2020 to remain unchanged for the duration of the programme. This includes eligibility to participate in all Horizon 2020 projects and to receive Horizon 2020 funding for the lifetime of projects.

UK Position Paper on the Ninth EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP9)

As the European Commission and European Union (EU) Member States begin work to develop the Ninth Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, UK government’s position has been set out in a paper on how the programme can provide the greatest social and economic benefits for European citizens.

Innovate UK E&E Round 4 Competition

The Emerging and Enabling Technologies competition is currently open and closes at the end of March. All satellite applications are eligible and we encourage anyone with an idea to check the project against the competition scope by contacting the Customer Support Service: support@innovateuk.gov.uk. For more information please click here.

Department for International Trade – Cillian Cousins, Sector Investment Manager – Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing

Cillian is interesting in talking to businesses who are investing or looking to invest in the UK. Also looking to understand their challenges and needs in terms of inward investment and how DIT could help. For more information, please contact cillian.cousins@invest-trade.uk

Satellite Applications Catapult – Caroline Rendon-Garcia, Business Engagement Manager

Newton Caldas Fund – Colombia

Innovate UK will be launching a competition in March 2018 to fund activities that enable UK and overseas businesses to jointly develop solutions to societal needs and also seeks business ecosystem development. The funding will be made available for Catapults to understand the country’s challenges, establish new links and strengthen existing relationships in Colombia which will benefit the UK industry.

In preparation for the Newton Competition, Innovate UK granted funding to the Catapults to do in-country engagement in Colombia between 12 and 15 February 2018 in order to identify international partners and secure overseas match funding. The UK was represented by Caroline Rendon-Garcia and Mark Jarman from Satellite Applications Catapult, plus representatives from Innovate UK, The Manufacturing Technologies Centre and The Energy Systems Catapult. We had meetings with around 20 different public, private and government organisations to tell them about the industries that we were there to represent and how they could benefit from the technologies that our business communities are developing.

The satellite Applications Catapult will be submitting a proposal around Agri-Tech, should this be successful, we will be putting opportunities out to industry to help us deliver it. If you are an SME developing solutions that address issues around the cultivation of cacao and coffee, please keep an eye out for any opportunities that might arise. If you would like to find out more please contact mark.jarman@sa.catapult.org.uk

Soft landing programme for SMEs in Medellin, Colombia

During our visit to Colombia, we came across an organisation called Ruta N in Medellin. They have fantastic facilities and all the resources necessary to help foreign companies settle in the city. If you are interested in an easy way of exploring opportunities in Colombia or Latin America, this place might be of interest.

Ruta N is a Colombian public-private joint venture between the mayor’s office of MedellínUNE y EPM created in 2011 and is dedicated to the development of innovative technology-based businesses. Ruta-N is located in the innovation district of Medellin, located in the north of the city. The offices consist of three buildings, used as flexible office space, an incubator to house start-up companies, laboratories, and the offices of Ruta-N personnel. Setting up an office at Ruta N is really easy, they help with all the logistics and have experts in hand that can provide advice or support to access clients, collaborators and talent. The British embassy has an officer in the city who can provide advice to companies interested in the Soft-landing programme. For more information, please contact carolina.tamayo@fco.gov.uk

New Agri-tech catalyst program for Colombia will be launched by Innovate UK very soon. The competition will open mid-March 2018 and will be open until mid-July 2018.

Some other general information on the program:

  • UK businesses can apply for a share of up to £3 million to work with research organisations and Colombian organisations on challenges in Colombian  agriculture.
  • Funding is available for both research-lead and business-led research and development to support inclusive economic growth, poverty reduction, gender equality and women’s economic empowerment.
  • Funded projects can last up to 18 months.

Project types and funding:

  • Early-stage feasibility studies and industrial research projects could get funding from50%(large business)  up to 70% (small business) of total project cost.
  • Late-stage development programs could get funding from 25% (large business) up to 45% (small business) of total project cost.

Please keep an eye out for this and if you have any questions or ideas for collaborative projects, please contact mark.jarman@sa.catapult.org.uk


22 March 2018 – ESA’s Earth Observation Directorate will be hosting an EOEP-5 Block 4 “Science for Society” Industry Day at ECSAT in Harwell, outlining opportunities and upcoming ESA ITTs in the downstream sector. The day’s agenda is attached; the short series of presentations will be followed by bilateral meetings, allowing industry and academia to meet privately with ESA directly, in order to discuss any upcoming opportunities that are of particular interest. Interested parties can register for the event by clicking here.

17-18 April 2018, ESA’s Earth Observation Directorate will be hosting a workshop on Newspace and Earth Observation, focusing on how can ESA EO help European New Space companies lead the market, how can ESA become more responsive to New Space opportunities, what Earth Science can Small Satellites do, and how can Earth Observation take advantage of new AI technologies. More information and registration can be found here.

North East Conference (22 March) – This year is the fourth in a series of annual gatherings which focus on some of the key challenges facing the sector. The conference will focus on highlighting the business opportunities that exist for developing data-led satellite applications to solve industry challenges. For more information please click here.

Space mission Operations Course (Goonhilly) – The annual Space Mission Operations training course is run together with Catena Space, and provides delegates with a wide curriculum of theoretical and practical sessions providing a complete grounding in Space Mission Operations.

Next Satuccino

The next Satuccino will be held on Wednesday 4 April, at 14:30. Click here to register.

Satuccino: Extra Shot will be held at the East Midlands’ Centre of Excellence. Click here to register.

More Information

If you would like to get in touch for more information please email us at marketing@sa.catapult.org.uk.

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