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May Satuccino

6 May 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Satuccino Webinar Pitcher Updates

To watch the recording of May Satuccino, please click here

Satellite Applications Catapult Update

Sam Adlen, Chief Strategy Officer, Satellite Applications Catapult


The Satellite Finance Network (SFN) runs full-day Surgeries between 10am and 4pm every month which consist of an hour appointment with experts on a variety of topics. The next Surgeries will be taking place remotely on 12th May 2020 with a focus on issues related to COVID-19. 

The SFN Surgeries are free to attend. Written advice and feedback will be provided to each company and relevant individual introductions will be made based on what was discussed in the Surgeries.

To arrange a booking, please contact Joanne Wheeler:

At this unprecedented time of COVID-19, the SFN and UKspace are also collaborating to provide free introduction services to companies and experts in the space and other industries through the Connect Project. The details of the Connect Project will be launched on our website this month.

Information about SFN

The SFN is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee set up with the objective to support the growth of the UK space industry, through greater and wider access to finance (of different types) and seeking to ensure a competitive and enabling regulatory framework (and challenging current regulatory barriers by proposing practical solutions) and more particularly through:

  • providing a network to bring together individuals and organisations from the finance, legal, insurance, government and space technology and applications communities with a common interest in delivering satellite and space-enabled projects to domestic and export markets around the world;
  • supporting foreign companies establish in the UK and navigate Government and other support to do so and develop and grow in the UK;
  • working with start-up and SMEs to provide support, including through free-to-attend monthly Surgeries; and
  • organising an annual conference, advisory Surgeries, training and other networking events.

To become a member, please contact Joanne Wheeler:

The membership is free of charge.

Event Update

Nick Trigg, Astropreneurs Programme Manager, STFC

The Astropreneurs Programme is a pan-European H2020 grant funded programme supporting spade related start up companies with mentoring and training support. The Programme is announcing a series of webinars with other partners that are open to all. The subjects are Space & Agritech (18 May), Space & Finance (26 May); Space & Government (2 June) and Space & Manufacturing (9 June).

Sector Updates

Ian Downey, UK Business Applications Ambassador Platform Network Coordinator at ESA Business Applications

ESA Space Solutions – Business Applications Update (Last Updated: 06/05/2020)

ESA and Corona Virus

ESA continues to take a range of precautionary measures in order to minimise the spread of the virus, while also ensuring business continuity within the organisation.  This includes ESA employees teleworking from home wherever possible and external visitors (including ESA employees from other sites) not being granted access to ESA’s establishments and facilities until further notice. All meetings, if not postponed, are being organised via videoconference/remote connection and you are advised get in touch with your ESA point(s) of contact for further details. Further information is available at the ESA website

ESA Space Solutions Business Applications Opportunities

UK Specific call on Space helping UK on COVID-19 and other pandemics 
Open 14/04/2020, open for c. 6 months (i.e. 15/10/2020)

This Open Call for Proposals, setup in cooperation with the UK Space Agency (UKSA), calls for activities to facilitate the quick integration and deployment of concrete and sustainable solutions to contribute to help alleviate the stress on the UK healthcare ecosystem provoked by the COVID-19 outbreak, making use of the different advantages provided by space-based products and services. Designed as a fast-track 2-stage process although you will need to be registered with ESA as a bidding entity to proceed to contract.

Kids Corner

Right now, a lot of parents are trying to juggle home schooling alongside working from home. A necessary but challenging combination.  ESA Space Solutions, over the next 6 weeks is publishing a set of weekly materials – in the form of activity worksheets – as support to these hard-working parents.  These are available via the website

ESA Education is also launching Expedition: Home, a one-stop website for kids and parents to do fun space-based activities and keep learning while at home.

Competitive Tenders (100% funded, c. €200k)

  1. Green buildings services (Opens 18/02/2020, Closing date extended to 27/05/2020), €200k
  2. Port of the future (Open 19/02/2020, Closes 31/05/2020), €200k – NB EMITS closing date gives 31/05/2020 but ESA Business Applications currently listed as 18/05/2020
  3. Decommissioning of energy assets (Open anticipated Q2/2020 but not yet on EMITS, Closes 30/06/2020), €200k
  4. Space Systems for Safety and Security (4S) User Studies  
    (Open anticipated 09/04/2020 but not yet on EMITS, Closes 01/09/2020*), €250k 
     * closing date not definitive, to be confirmed but currently as listed 
    3 separate calls under this activity:
  • Safeguarding Essential Services
  • Safety of Future Transport
  • Satellite Applications for Public Safety

Kick-Start Activities (75% funded, up to €60k from ESA) 

NB – these are currently not supported by UK – updates will be issued if the position changes

  1. Preparedness and response to natural disasters (Opens 06/05/2020, Closes 17/06/2020) – webinar materials online
  2. Robotics for Society (Opens 03/06/2020, Closes 15/07/2020) – webinars on 11/05/20, 26/05/20
  3. Smart supply chain (Opens (15/04/2020, Closes 27/05/2020) – webinar materials online
  4. Connected rural communities (Opens 19/04/2020, Closes 18/09/2020) – webinar materials online
  5. Life Of Communities: Education & Health       (Opens: 19 March 2020, Closes: 4 May 2020)
  6. Business Opportunities: Mobility & Tourism    (Opens: 4 May 2020, Closes: 12 June 2020)
  7. Safety & Security                                                  (Opens: 15 June 2020, Closes: 24 July 2020)
  8. Management Of Resources: Utilities & Natural Resources

(Opens: 24 July 2020, Closes: 18 September 2020)  

Direct Negotiation

  1. Permanently open
  2. 50% match funding
  3. Any topic, any time
  4. Consult the UK Regional Ambassador Platform(s)

Space4Rail Direct Negotiation

  1. Future Control-command And Signalling In The European Rail System
  2. Focuses on activities to improve the business case of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS)
  3. Improving The Performance Of The Railway
  4. Objective to develop innovative railway applications and services that improve the performance, efficiency, safety and security of the railway infrastructure and assets.
  5. Improving The Attractiveness Of The Railway

Develop innovative and sustainable applications / services that improve the experience for end users 

Contact your Regional Ambassador 

Information and assistance is available on all these topics from your ESA Business Applications Regional Ambassador.  There have been some recent changes to the UK Ambassador Platform Network for ESA Business Applications.  

Kavitha Muthu, previously the regional ambassador for midlands and northeast England, is moving on to a new role. The team have really enjoyed working with Kavitha and would like to say a big thank you to her for all the work she has done whilst at the Catapult EMCoE and NECoE to build up awareness and help companies in the region to engage with ESA Business Applications. We wish Kavitha all the best in her next role.

The network is pleased to welcome 2 new members:  
Paul Bhatia, hosted at the University of Nottingham, who will be covering the Midlands and Northeast England Andy Williams, hosted at the University of Exeter, who will be covering Southwest England and South Wales  
Please feel free to get in touch with them and discuss how your business could be powered by space through ESA Space Solutions Business Applications. Contact details are on the website:

Please also note if you interested in joining the team – we also have a current vacancy for the Scotland and Northern Ireland regional ambassador, deadline 22/05/2020 Details online here or via searching the vacancies at University of Strathclyde 

Now would actually be a great time to get in touch with your regional UK Business Applications Ambassador. 
They are all working remotely from fixed locations and not travelling the UK as normal so can easily be contacted for assistance. 

It’s also a good opportunity if you’ve been trying to find the time to put down your thoughts and ideas for that new space enabled service or just finishing off that draft Activity Pitch Questionnaire (APQ)  

Contact details are on the website as is further information on the Business Applications opportunities mentioned here.


Further to the previous update at Satuccino, the proposed European Space Agency “Space2connect” conference, which  is currently scheduled on the website to take place between 29th of June to 3rd July 2020 in the Netherlands is now being rescheduled due to the Covid19 situation. Unfortunately, there is no chance to make the event happen at the end of June. The management team has agreed to tentatively postpone the event to Q2 2021 and to revisit event planning in September. “Space2connect” aims to provide an outline across the whole satcom upstream and downstream value chain business, to foster partnerships and inspire new strategies.   


As per the previous update the ESA BIC UK is open for business. Following their most recent evaluation board for submissions it is anticipated that there will be announcements on the new BIC alumni companies in due course. Just a reminder that the next application deadlines are: 03/06/2020, 23/09/2020

STFC will be hosting a 2-hour online masterclass on 12/05/2020 to provide best practice, practical advice and tips on how to prepare and write your BIC application

Andy Bennett, Knowledge Transfer Manager – Space & Geospatial, Knowledge Transfer Network 


KTN occupies a unique position at the interface between government, finance, business and research and as not-for-profit organisation provides an impartial agile agency for supporting business growth and acceleration. Focusing on business innovation as core activity, KTN has in-depth experience of the financial landscapes, business model development, investor readiness, routes to market and market opportunities, and the creation of value networks and collaborations. 

I will update on the latest funding opportunities and support available to space and geospatial companies. 

Catherine Holt, Horizon 2020 National Contact Point for Space, UKRI – Innovate UK

UK businesses driving innovation and development will be helped through the coronavirus outbreak with a £1.25 billion government support package. This includes £750 million of targeted support for the most R&D intensive small and medium size firms, available through Innovate UK’s grants and loan scheme.

Innovate UK will accelerate up to £200 million of grant and loan payments for its 2,500 existing Innovate UK customers on an opt-in basis. An extra £550 million will also be made available to increase support for existing customers and £175,000 of support will be offered to around 1,200 firms not currently in receipt of Innovate UK funding. The first payments will be made by mid-May.

Chris Hall, Space Applications Project Manager, UK Space Agency

A presentation on the Space for NHS Covid-19 call the UK Space Agency currently has open.


Jeff Crusey, Investment Manager, Seraphim Capital 

Seraphim is the world’s first and largest fund dedicated to investing across the space ecosystem. We are a £70m fund with a focus on series A investments, where companies have de-risked their technology and have early traction. Our check size is £1-2m and bring value to our portfolio companies through our network of strategic partners to help accelerate commercially. 

We also have an accelerator, Space Camp, a 10-week program focused around readying the leadership of early stage space companies for their series A and help them with early access to our network of strategic partners, mentors, and advisors. 


Alex Bird & Sophie Lonergan, Deloitte Gravity Challenge Team, Deloitte 

Gravity Challenge 2020 Goes Global 

Space Technology Innovation Program now in UK and Australia 

Deloitte and Amazon Web Services (AWS) will draw on their capabilities in the UK and Australia to help accelerate commercial innovation in the space sectors of both countries and encourage greater collaboration between them. The programme in the UK is being delivered in collaboration with the Satellite Application Catapult team. Registrations are now open for businesses, government agencies and other organisations in both countries to join the Gravity Challenge program as Challengers: bringing high value business challenges to the program for innovators to solve using space data and technology. Innovators are also invited to pre-register. Find out more at 

Onur Aydogan, Venture Manager, Creative Destruction Lab 


“CDL Recovery is a temporary programme launched by Creative Destruction Lab (CDL), a global not-for-profit science and tech start-up mentoring programme. The new initiative aims to transform technological innovations into useful products and services that address the public health and economic recovery challenges created by the global Covid-19 crisis. All types of innovative teams may apply, including start-ups, corporations, informal collaborations, sole inventors, social impact ventures, and not-for-profit initiatives. Applications to CDL Recovery are now open. There are no fees for participation and CDL does not take any equity. About CDL Recovery, the UK Science Minister Amanda Solloway said: “It is great to see businesses and researchers coming together to support the UK’s innovators and entrepreneurs in their response to the coronavirus outbreak. This programme will provide them with a platform to turn their ideas into solutions to address the unique challenges presented by the pandemic.” 

Business Pitches

Melanie Clift, UK and ESA Account Director, ICEYE 

ICEYE is a new provider of high resolution, high revisit X-Band SAR data from its growing microsat constellation. For further details please contact or 

Jason Armstrong, Director – Launch and Integration Services, TriSept Corporation 

TriSept Corporation is providing a status update on the continued efforts to grow our UK/Harwell capabilities. Establishment of our spacecraft integration process, signing of our first dedicated UK launch and readiness to provide partner level engineering support for other projects. 

Owen Hawkins, Product Development Director, Earth-I 

An invitation to a webinar we are holding together with the Catapult for the dissemination of results from our InnovateUK SatellAIve project. It will primarily focus on the launch of our SPECTRUM service for Construction and Infrastructure monitoring. 

Would you like to pitch at an upcoming Satuccino?

Register your interest to pitch at an upcoming Satuccino event by clicking here.

More Information

For more information about Satuccino, please contact

Satellite Applications Catapult
+44 (0)1235 567999
We help organisations make use of, and benefit from, satellite technologies, and bring together multi-disciplinary teams to generate ideas and solutions in an open innovation environment.

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