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November Satuccino


Company pitches

Company Pitch 1 – Lyndon-Marc Adade, Chief Communications Officer, EarthX

EarthX is a B2B2C geospatial platform, which uses a 3D globe to map data and transform it into content that people can easily understand. EarthX is not sector specific, they allow for visualization of all types and formats of data from ecosystem sciences through to ethnographic and technical data. The key point is that, currently, to tell a good story with data one would need to be either very skilled in programming or to invest in expensive software (in some cases both).

They provide simple, yet advanced authoring capabilities to upload raw data (privately as well as publicly), stylize its visual representation and build narratives using data. Large data custodians such as ESA, World Health Organization, International Organization for Migration, Macquarie University among others have used the platform.

They aim to empower people to learn more about our planetary reality and encourage new ways of seeing information and understanding our human ecosystems. Satellites produce a wealth of data which help to track and address the challenges. By contextualizing EO data in the big planetary picture, it will enhance decision making and, ultimately, help EarthX make better informed choices.

Find out more about EasrthX on their website: or contact Lyndon:

Company Pitch 2 –Lucille Baudet, Open Cosmos, Payload Market Developer

Open Cosmos Ltd. provides simple and affordable space access. They offer services and enabling tools to simplify the route to orbit, including:

  • An engineering qualification model
  • A space mission simulation software allowing companies and organisations of all sizes and backgrounds to develop their technologies.

ESA BIC UK and Open Cosmos have recently signed a partnership to make these tools available free of charge to their incubatees, in order to support their development.

Company Pitch 3 – Robin Tucker, Red Kite Management Consulting

Red Kite Management Consulting are experts in Strategy, Marketing and Business change.  They have just changed our name from Red Kite Enterprise and Environment to reflect their wider range of assistance to clients.

They specialise in helping technical businesses to choose and succeed in their markets, often ones where their ‘capability language’ needs some translation into what matters for customers.  They have extensive experience in key markets for satellite services: Telecommunications, Media & Technology, Transportation, Environment, Agriculture, Leisure, and Business Services.

  • They helped a ground-equipment provider develop a strategy that enabled it to grow and prosper in a market dominated by larger companies.
  • They helped a potential satcomms operator to quantify a key market opportunity, and build this into their investment pitch and business case.
  • They helped an environmental data specialist to prioritise three out of many market opportunities, create a balanced growth plan and double in size over three years.

Extra Shot Company Pitches

Extra Shot Company Pitch 1 – Ben Mawhinney, Drone Lab

Extra Shot Company Pitch 2 – Chris Jones, NBV Ltd

Chris is a highly-experienced and business-led Company Director with a successful background in B2B, B2C, aerospace, aviation, engineering, finance, government, consulting and FTSE-100. He is also an Entrepreneur, Cyber Security Advisor, Private Investor and Business Mentor. He co-founded Vör-TechX in 2017. Vör-TechX is a Space Technology company, dedicated to space exploration, education and resource management through technology, collaboration and communication. Vör-TechX is working with Teesside University and a local Fire Department on an AI (artificial intelligence) research-enabled search-and-rescue tool that has space-based applications.

This technology has highly profitable applications in many sectors including Agriculture, Forestry, Oil and Gas, Mining, Emergency Services and many more. We are offering the collaboration and investment opportunities to be involved at the start of something astounding.

They are looking for people with both vision, experience and deep pockets. Website:

Extra Shot Company Pitch 3 – Justin Pringle, e2E

Extra Shot Company Pitch 4 – Steve Clements, aXenic

aXenic develop optical modulators for next generation, high bandwidth intersatellite and intrasatellite datalinks.  Their unique technology provides a lead in small, low power, reliable and dense functionality devices.  These modulators are seen in the industry as a strategic component for the revolution of introducing optics into satellite communication links.

Contact: and see

Extra Shot Company Pitch 5  – Thomas Bayat, Isocom Limited, Washington, Tyne and Wear

ISOCOM Limited has manufactured, designed and tested hi-rel, rad-hard optoelectronic and micro-electronic components for space and aerospace applications for 25 years.  Their product range includes sun sensors, detectors and laser com free space optical and power components.  They are AS9100D approved offering full Mil Standard screening and testing. They are currently seeking collaborators for our new laser communication space project.

Cluster Pitches

Cluster Pitch 1 – Graham Mobbs, Cluster Business Support Manager, STFC

Astropreneurs Space Startup Accelerator – supporting early stage entrepreneurs and SMEs –

The Astropreneurs Space Startup Accelerator is turning space-related ideas into viable businesses and is promoting opportunities for entrepreneurs coming from the space and non-space sectors. The Astropreneurs programme covers ideas and concepts for exploitation in the space sector, from an entrepreneur outside the space sector, from people in the space sector who has an idea for use of space data or technology [processes, products and services] in another sector and people from any sector that would require data, expertise and/or technology from the space sector to exploit their idea. Astropreneurs joining the programme will be assigned a manager from the programme, who will assign a single or group of selected mentors to meet the Astropreneurs’ requirements.

The Astropreneur programme welcomes applications from innovators with ideas/concepts using space date, expertise and technology.

Next call will be closing on January 4 2019 and there will a further 4 calls in 2019 and early 2020.

They are seeking mentors (all mentoring will be done remotely) for the Astropreneurs programme, in areas covering business, finance and the technical aspects of developing a new innovative idea or concept.  For further information and to register on the website

Cluster Pitch 2 – Gordy McHattie, Event Director, Space Tech Expo Europe

Space Tech Expo Europe is Europe’s meeting place for space business, technology & innovation. The three-day trade fair will showcase the latest from technical designers, sub-system suppliers, manufacturers and components through the systems integrators for civil, military and commercial space – hosting 400 exhibiting companies and 4,000+ professional attendees.

New for 2019: Smallsats at Space Tech Expo Europe will provide a focused exhibit and sessions area dedicated to smallsats and small launcher manufacturing, as well as downstream applications and service providers.

Cluster Pitch 3 – Sara Huntingdon, Space for Smarter Government Programme Manager, UK Space Agency

SSGP aims to grow the space sector by increasing the awareness and enabling the uptake of space data, applications and services within the UK Public Sector.  In a bold new initiative, the UK Space Agency recently announced (LINK)  it would be making high resolution commercial archive satellite EO data available for R&D purposes for projects and initiatives which could benefit the UK Public Sector in line with SSGP’s published aims.

Following an open competition COMPETITION LINK , contracts to supply access to archive high resolution optical imagery and SAR data have been awarded to Airbus Defence & Space and Telespazio -Vega UK Ltd.

As a trial, access to a significant quantity of archive commercial data, spanning back three years and covering a significant proportion of the UK landmass and coast has been procure for R&D purposes. Data access will be made available free at the point of use to work on public sector challenges through SSGP. Data will be downloaded onto CEMS and access will be granted through a new API on the SEDAS portal (which is provided by the Satellite Applications Catapult).

This initiative is intended to stimulate demand, encourage innovation, increase familiarity with using space data within government and to help overcome some of the perceived financial barriers to early application development using high resolution data . More details on how to apply for access and forthcoming opportunities to engage will be listed on the SSGP website in the coming weeks

Cluster Pitch 4 – Ian Downey, UK Ambassador Platform Network Coordinator, ESA Business Applications

Since the inception of ESA Business Applications ten years ago, the UK has maintained an “Ambassador Platform” to promote engagement by industry and research organisations.  This has proved so effective that the network is being expanded to include five Regional Ambassadors in the UK, with an overall coordinator based at ESA’s UK site in Harwell (ECSAT), supported by a dedicated Business Developer. The launch of the new-look UK Ambassador Network was announced at the UK Space Agency offices in Swindon on 30th October 2018, on the occasion of the inaugural meeting of the UKSA Satellite Applications Industry Advisory Group.

Contact your Regional Ambassador via the links here:

University of Portsmouth is recruiting for the fifth person to become part of a national network of five (5) Regional Ambassador Platforms (RAPs). The role is to act as broker between ESA and individuals, companies, agencies and organisations in the UK who can be supported by ESA Business Applications. The post is hosted by the University of Portsmouth at the South Coast Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications.

More details here:

Or here:

Check out the latest ESA Business Applications funding opportunities here:

Cluster Pitch 5 – Jane Ford, UKSpace

Space Exports Forum #5

November 15 @ 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

In partnership with the Space Growth Partnership and UKspace, techUK is pleased to host the 5th meeting of the Space Exports Forum.This is part of a new series of events supporting the UK’s Industrial Strategy, specifically helping any companies with an interest in space products and services to improve export performance. Companies from outside the space sector, but who use space and satellite services, are especially welcome.

The meeting will cover the following:

  • Current status of the Space Growth Partnership and proposed Sector Deal
  • Exports recommendations in the sector deal & discussion around sector export strategy
  • High Value Campaign update & candidates (USA, India, China, Japan – TBC)
  • Future bi-laterals & cooperative missions

This is the link for your update after the Satuccino:

More Information:

If you would like to know more about Satuccino, or to get in touch regarding Business Support at the Catapult, please email us at or call us on 01235 567999.

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