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Satuccino and Space Innovators Summer BBQ

Westcott Venture Park Updates:

Richard Harrington, Buckinghamshire Thames Valley LEP

Claire Thompson, Westcott Venture Park

Claire Thompson who handles the PR and Marketing at Westcott Venture Park on behalf of the owners, PATRIZIA Hanover Property Unit Trust, announced the launch of the Park’s new website which was established as part of an overall business park re-brand The Park can also be found on Twitter @WestcottVP

Catapult Updates:

Sam Adlen, Chief Strategy Officer, Satellite Applications Catapult

The Oxford-Cambridge Arc is a hugely important economic engine for the UK and also for the space sector.  The Catapult and others have been working with LEPs across the arc to make space an integral part of their local industrial strategies.  With strong end-user demand (agri, health etc), deep capability in adjacent markets such as advanced manufacturing (motorsport) and AI, and the fantastic existing space capability there is real potential to shape the space sector of the future and create new industries that deliver benefits locally and nationally.  If you are interested in engaging to shape these developments then please do let us know.

Gemma Ball, Business Manager Intelligent Transport, Satellite Applications Catapult

Cluster Pitches:

Catherine Holt, H2020 NCP for Space, UKRI – Innovate UK

The final call topics for Horizon 2020 are due to be published on the 2nd July with calls closing in early 2020. The final space call includes topics for EO, GNSS, robotics, electronic propulsion and satellite technology and there are events running in the UK and Europe to support any organisation wanting to apply. For more information please email

Kutlu Kazanci, Venture Manager, Creative Destruction Lab

Creative Destruction Lab (“CDL”) is a not-for-profit that offers massively-scalable seed-stage science&technology-based startups a free mentorship and investor access program.

The program has been running since 2012, helping more than 500 startups and 1000 founders and recently launched first European location at Oxford. CDL is home to one of the greatest concentrations of AI-related startups on Earth. To date CDL has helped to nurture start-ups worth over £2 billion in equity value. Alumni include: Ada, Atomwise, Automat AI, BenchSci, Blue J Legal, Chisel, Deep Genomics, Ecoation, Eigen Innovations, Kyndi and North (previously Thalmic Labs).

The main criterion we look for are:
Massively scalable: Startups that have scalable products or services and have business models that could take on venture capital.
Stage: Usually seed stage, sometimes series A stage. The company should also have at least one full time founder and something they can demonstrate (MVP/prototype/pilots/early traction). The startup will also not yet have a fully operational board of directors and advisers that works with the company on strategy closely (as this is the main value CDL provides)
Science and technology based: The startup has some technology and IP that it is building in house.
Technologically differentiated: We look for founders who can answer the question “why would it be hard for someone else to do what you are doing?” with the answer “because we know how to do something that few other people in the world know how to do and would not be able to figure out easily”

The value CDL provides:
Mentorship: Matching founders with mentors who have built, scaled and exited similar businesses. These are organized via 5 full day sessions, 4 in Oxford, 1 in Toronto, every 8 weeks from November to June. In some ways, the program provides a surrogate Board of Directors for very early, deep-tech ventures.
Technical advise:Technical advice from world-leading machine learning scientists.
Fundraising: CDL does not offer or guarantee investment but many of the mentors are investors and the organic relationships built via CDL often lead to investment.
Talent: Program often helps recruit top technical and commercial talent. Program employs full time venture manager to help and guide portfolio companies through program. The program also offers MBA students to help with the research and project management.
The program is highly competitive and at each session, mentors vote to decide which founders to keep in the program.

Oxford CDL was launched mid-2019 and is now recruiting for seed stage AI and a few other vertical startups globally, with August 12th application deadline to support starting in the fall. More details and application forms can be reached at the CDL website:

Company Pitches:

Marco Pavan, Steam Jet

At SteamJet we are developing a safe and compact water-based propulsion system for Small Satellites and CubeSats. Our system allows satellites to stay longer in space, to change and optimise their orbit, to operate in constellations and to de-orbit at the end of their mission. It is safer, smaller and cheaper than the competition, and it’s the only propulsion unit in the market that can be fully installed in the tuna-can volume available in many CubeSat deployers. We are currently performing the test campaign, aiming at qualifying the system for space by the end of the year.

Ben Jarvis, Raptor Aerospace

Marcos de Perez, LIFT ME OFF

Satellite Applications Catapult
+44 (0)1235 567999
We help organisations make use of, and benefit from, satellite technologies, and bring together multi-disciplinary teams to generate ideas and solutions in an open innovation environment.

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