3D HD Dual Projection Facility

The Satellite Applications Catapult’s 3D HD Dual Projection Visualisation Facility is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software for visualising and exploring large 2D and 3D datasets. This includes virtual environments, engineering models and scientific information, ranging from Earth Observation and climate data to 3D models of complex molecules. The facility seats up to 34 people (depending on room design) and provides complementary capability to the Satellite Applications Catapult videowall system.

The facility was installed by Virtalis and is operated by STFC. It consists of two high-luminance active stereo 3D projectors, giving a total screen resolution of 3400 x 1200 on a large 5.5m x 1.9m screen, together with a high-power graphics workstation, a head-tracking system and a touch-screen command-and-control system. Available software includes Geo-visionary, Paraview, Chimera, TechViz, OpenSceneGraph and 3D Slicer.

For further information, please email: info@sa.catapult.org.uk

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