CEMS User Services

CEMS offers a number of services enabling users to process, manage and analyse CEMS data. These can be divided into the following broad categories:

  • CEMS Portal: The portal is used to provide access to data discovery and for account log-in and generation.
  • Virtual Workspace: Registered users can request their own personalised virtual workspace within CEMS. From within this they can access selected CEMS data and services and upload and process their own data, taking advantage of the high performance computing facilities available.
  • Data Search / Data Discovery: The CEMS catalogue spans all data stored within CEMS and in associated, external data centres. Users can search the catalogue by attribute such as data types, location, time, sensor or processing algorithm.
  • Data Dissemination: This service allows sub-sets and aggregations of datasets from the CEMS catalogue to be downloaded quickly and efficiently.
  • Data Processing / Application Hosting: CEMS provides access to high performance computing facilities, allowing users to process large quantities of data efficiently. To facilitate this, CEMS hosts a collection of software applications, ranging from commercial data processing software available on a pay-as-you-go basis to bespoke applications written by the scientific community.
  • Visualisation: CEMS provides tools for visualising data, helping to facilitate regional analysis at various levels of detail, and intelligent analysis of trends and patterns.
  • Data Integrity: CEMS provides key information to help users to determine whether their data is fit for purpose such as error statistics, quality flags/stamp and detailed traceability information describing data provenance. CEMS also provides consultative services to undertake bespoke Data Integrity commissions.
  • Consulting: The Catapult possesses extensive skills and experience within the climate and EO domains. CEMS provides a consultancy and customer engagement service to users and stakeholders. The Catapult facilities such as the Spark Centre can be used to help maximise uptake of space data and grow the market.

Download the CEMS Acceptable Use Policy (Academic Policies are available from CEDA)

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