How Do I Use CEMS?

There are several ways of going about using CEMS depending on the type of user you are and the type of initiative you are involved in. The CEMS Team at the Satellite Applications Catapult, and CEDA is keen to understand your requirements and provide the most cost-effective solution to satisfy them.

For commerial enquiries contact:

For academic enquiries contact:

Some of the questions we might ask you are:

  • What is your interest in the CEMS facility?
  • How did you hear about us?
  • Is there any academic or industrial expertise/advice you require?
  • How much storage space, processing power and bandwidth might you need?

The following give some examples of user/organisation engagement with CEMS.

Proposals Involving CEMS

A consortium of organisations may be interested in utilising the CEMS facility as part of a bid to the European Space AgencyEuropean CommissionInnovate UKResearch Council, Satellite Applications Catapult, etc. The Satellite Applications Catapult may act as a  subcontractor to one of the partners (i.e. not an officially named organisation in the proposal) and can provide a quotation for the use of the facility for these proposals. For academic usage, please see below.

Private Usage

An organisation may want to use CEMS services to support internal work within their company e.g. use data streams, processing power or core service functionality to support research or product development. We can discuss and agree key requirements about the reliability and security of your workspace on the CEMS infrastructure to support such activities.

Data or Application Hosting

The Satellite Applications Catapult is an excellent shop window to allow your application or service to reach a large community of users, and CEMS provides extensive infrastructure to allow such hosting. We are keen to host applications or data for government, academic and commercial customers where the nature of the agreement will depend on the type of use.

Academic Usage

CEMS aim to support NERC funded users of CEMS at minimal cost, and for projects (e.g NCEO) where funding has been obtained directly from NERC, at no cost to the users. If requirements for data, storage or processing cannot be supported within existing resources, grant applications should include the additional effort or computing resource required. For specific academic questions, please contact CEDA.

Capability Development or Community Data Hosting

Such activity is useful to the community at large and we welcome such initiatives. Capability development could be in the form of a tool or core service to manipulate, inter-compare, or visualise data sets, which might be supported by external funding e.g. European Commission. Data sets could be measured by satellite, airborne or in situ platforms but need to in some way support climate or environmental monitoring from space. For a satellite observation, the relevance is obvious, but airborne, model or in situ data can also be useful for calibration/validation or inter-comparison of satellite data or for synthesis purposes (for higher level data products).

Download the CEMS Acceptable Use Policy (Academic Policies are available from CEDA)

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