What CEMS Does

CEMS is designed to give users access to extensive data holdings and a range of applications, tools and services that help them analyse this data more effectively. To facilitate this, CEMS provides users with a virtualised environment allowing easy access to CEMS data and various associated services. CEMS also provides consultancy services offering expert advice from a panel of climate and Earth observation experts across both the commercial and academic sectors.

CEMS itself will comprise of the following key constituents:

  • Data: The facility provides users with access to a wealth of climate and environmental data supplied by various institutions and organisations both within and outside the UK. Users can  upload, search, explore, manipulate, process, visualise and download such data.
  • Services: CEMS offers users a wide variety of services and applications focused on deriving quality information from the data. General services include a data integrity facility, a data processing facility and visualisation and cataloguing services. More specific services will be offered to deal with particular issues, such as for climate studies.
  • Stakeholders: CEMS has brought together a wealth of expertise from a variety of areas, to build this facility. These experts will be made available to users through the consultancy services.

What Can I Do With CEMS?

Users are able to access selected CEMS services including virtual workspaces, data processing, hosted applications and consultative services.

It is also possible to access and download a representative sample of the data that will be at the heart of CEMS.

Download the CEMS Acceptable Use Policy (Academic Policies are available from CEDA)

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