Security and Resilience Centre

Space systems increasingly support much of our national infrastructure, and in doing so, make a growing and significant contribution to the UK’s economy. We rely on satellites for a wide range of applications including communications, navigation and Earth observation.

The Security & Resilience Centre (SRC) was developed as a focus for supporting the development of innovative new technologies and systems that might fortify the UK’s space resilience against attacks. The centre also promotes greater understanding of space reliance amongst the UK’s scientific and technical communities. The SRC seeks to leverage the government–industry partnership in the Catapult to combine industry know-how with the needs and insight of government to attract game-changing showcase systems supported by current academic and SME research.

The SRC is accredited to operate as a secure classified facility. It offers academia and SMEs the capability to trial classified ideas, and industry and government the opportunity to host systems which provide security capabilities and which might attract research.

Trials and development activities for the Galileo Public Related Service (PRS) to facilitate proving of the PRS service in the UK have been successfully hosted in the classified part of the SRC. The PRS provides high-levels of robustness through GNSS satellite signal encryption and use of multiple frequencies. It will deliver an authenticated service to appropriately authorised users, protecting them against spoofing and similar attacks.

The SRC has also hosted activities including a commercial satellite imagery discovery and retrieval service. By hosting this within an accredited area, it opens the possibility of including sensitive tasking and basic assessment, as well as using classified imagery and data fusion capabilities. This provides government users with the confidence that data access, discovery and retrieval is being managed securely by an organisation of which they are intrinsically part of via secure network connectivity. It also enables other UK organisations to access imagery anonymously and for developing research concepts (eg – data fusion and change detection) which can be trialed securely.

The Catapult is also in preparation for providing the Galileo PRS trialling service to facilitate the testing of the PRS service in the UK – the establishment of joint government-industry classified collaboration working environments, and the expansion of Earth observation-based services to support other government organisations, such as maritime surveillance, Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) protection, high value target surveillance, disaster zone situational awareness, and security planning.

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