Visualisation Suite

The Visualisation Suite integrates with other facilities at the Satellite Applications Catapult and the wider Harwell Oxford campus, including the Centre for Environmental Data Archival and the Concurrent Design Facility. Together with the Operations Centre, it forms an end-to-end solution for Earth Observation capabilities, from mission operations through data downlinks to data processing and visualisation.


The Visualisation Suite comprises several complementary facilities, all of which can be provided with suitable technical support to address a wide range of customer requirements:

  • Videowall – A high impact display facility comprising a 7.2m x 2.3m, 30 megapixel multi-panel display with local storage and a processing cluster, placed in a conference facility for up to 180 people.
  • 3D Stereoscopic Visualisation – A portable 3D stereoscopic projection system is available, including Geovisionary software for smooth visualisation of high-resolution spatial data.
  • Science Visualisation Service (SVS) – Leading-edge web-based data-visualisation service for visualisation and overlaying of scientific data, including links to local and remote data archives.
  • High-power workstations – A number of powerful Windows, Linux and Mac workstations are available for use for computer-intensive tasks such as high-impact content generation and data processing.
  • 3D HD Dual Projection Facility – equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software for visualising and exploring large 2D and 3D datasets.

To find out more about our unique Visualisation Suite, please email:

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