Geospatial Mapping in the Palm of Your Hand: Sterling Geo and Living PlanIT Collaboration

Sterling Geo, a company specializing in engineering solutions that transform spaceborne, airborne and terrestrial data into accurate, actionable information and putting it into the hands of users, today announces a collaboration with Living PlanIT, the creator of the first urban operating system and resulting award winning PlanIT UOS™.


Living PlanIT and Sterling Geo are delighted to announce their collaboration to integrate Hexagon Geospatial’s new Smart M.App capability with the PlanIT Urban Operating System platform™.
In a dynamically changing world, users are frequently overwhelmed by the increasing abundance of raw data. The challenge is to deliver accurate, actionable and timely insights directly to users in simple and accessible ways.
The solution combines various and complex sources of data, including satellite imagery and real-time sensor data from intelligent urban environments, and providing that data in a simple form via applications to city decision-makers.
Smart M.Apps represent a fundamental change in how geospatial content – integrated with other data – is accessed and visualized. The power of real-time city and environmental data accessible through the PlanIT UOS enables the creation of ground breaking products in which smart, dynamically changing and interactive digital maps are available for a wide range of uses, via a multitude of devices, on-demand and as a service. From land-use modelling and city or infrastructure planning, to disaster response, resilience planning and more, the collaboration between Living PlanIT and Sterling Geo will put previously specialized and highly technical capabilities directly into the hands of end users.

Managing Director of Sterling Geo, Phil Cooper said,
“As data feeds from smart cities grow exponentially, we can no longer afford to map the world of tomorrow as we did yesterday. When we are able to collect and make sense of the data, and share specific pieces of it with software developers, city officials and citizens, we can enable new services and decision-making approaches that add value to the way our cities function and are experienced. Bringing Smart M.Apps and the PlanIT UOS together is an exciting step forward towards a better future.” 

CEO for Living PlanIT, Steve Lewis said;
“This is a great opportunity to work with an ecosystem of established experts in geospatial data and create powerful PlanIT UOS applications that can be replicated for a wide variety of uses to enhance the design and functionality of existing and planned cities.” 

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