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// An approach to innovation that brings together healthcare practitioners and technology providers to co-create, develop and deliver solutions

John Vesey
Business Manager, Health & Wellbeing

The Healthy Living Lab at Westcott

The existing emergency and urgent care eco-system in the UK is incredibly complex.  It suffers from a reliance on poor connectivity and ageing technology, which present a significant challenge to health providers, and a significant risk to patients. A major upgrade programme – the Ambulance Radio Programme as a part of a new 4G-based Emergency Services Network – is now underway, as part of plans to transform connectivity in the future.

The Healthy Living Lab at Westcott is being developed to help drive further evolution (enabled by 5G connectivity over satellite and terrestrial comms) and improvement of this eco-system. It is a unique and neutral demonstration space for the development of new services and capabilities for ambulances, paramedics and the care pathways they support. Our Living Lab journey began with the purchase of an ambulance alongside NHS Arden & GEM CSU and is continually growing in physical and virtual resources.

Connected Ambulances

Advances in connectivity have driven innovation within the health-technology sector and have the potential to increase the capability of ambulances so more care is administered in situ. But testing the efficacy of these devices can be challenging. Ambulance trusts hoping to test 5G enabled equipment often need an ambulance that is already connected to the network. And with so many solutions on the market, it can be difficult to know what to choose, resulting in potentially expensive and risky trials

The Healthy Living Lab at Wescott de-risks this process for ambulance services by providing a fully connected ambulance and access to a range of vehicles, available to trial new technologies in situ.

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If you would like to get in touch with us to find out more about using the Living Lab please use the details below.

John Vesey
Business Manager - Health +44 (0)1235 567999
John joined the Satellite Applications Catapult in March 2014 and has worked in a number of roles supporting the public sector in the UK and beyond understand the benefits of satellites for their business as usual. His current role is focused on developing sustainable services for the health and social care sectors, that are underpinned by digital transformations and focus on shifting where care is delivered. John’s previous experience as a Business Intelligence Analyst at Amazon and an Operational Research Analyst for HMRC brings experience from both private and public sector to process improvement and change management practices.
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