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//Access to Space

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"The role of the Access to Space team at the Catapult is to provide expertise and insight into new mission concepts and how they can service future satellite services and applications. We fit between the satellite supply chain and the companies providing value-added services provided by the latest advances in satellite technologies, enabling new means to create data, services and other commercial applications. In this role, we work with business new and old, large and small, to explore and capture new market opportunities enabled by the latest approaches to accessing space."

Chris Brunskill, Head of Access to Space

Recent Activities

Latest news, blogs, events and media

Why Access to Space?

Why Access to Space?

On-orbit assets are the enabling capabilities that power satellite applications. Without these assets, none of the satellite services available today would be possible. The space sector has seen significant shifts in its approach to the commercialisation of satellite applications, which has opened new opportunities through the use of small satellites, on-orbit servicing and low Earth orbit constellations.

We are providing opportunities for businesses to gain access to space by reducing risk and building relationships with UK-based service providers. The UK is growing capabilities to provide a full satellite ecosystem including component sourcing, satellite provision and builds, launches, in-orbit services, and mission support. We are working on ensuring these capabilities meet the needs of the market, and providing demonstration support to allow organisations the opportunity to show their new technology or service without needing to go outside of the UK.

Our Focus Areas

Our activities are focused around these core areas

In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD)

Our IOD Programme offers opportunities for organisations to demonstrate their innovative technology in space by providing CubeSat platforms, launches, and operational and business support. We currently have 6 missions within the programme, two of which are in progress, two which are undergoing selection, and two which are open to applications. Follow the link below to find out more about each mission.

See more

Operations and Servicing

We are developing our in-orbit service facilities to be able to support a range of mission types. This will offer opportunities for organisations to demonstrate their in-space operations so as to secure funding and customers prior to launching a full service

UK Launch

We are working with the developing UK launch capabilities to enable services required to provide a full access to space ecosystem in the UK. This includes supporting UK suppliers and increasing the knowledge of capabilities in the sector.

Small Satellite Market Intelligence

Small Satellite Market Intelligence

Latest market news in our quarterly report

The Small Satellite Market Intelligence update is a quarterly report that follows the fast growing interest in small satellites with the intention to make data on the sector free and accessible.

Follow the link below to access the reports, and get in touch if you'd like to discuss contributing to our feature section in the next quarter.

Access the reports
Small Satellite Market Intelligence

// Get in touch

Click the button to get in touch with the Access to Space team for collaboration enquiries or for further information on our work in this area.

Chris Brunskill
Head of Access to Space
AccesstoSpace@sa.catapult.org.uk +44 (0)1235 567999
Dr Chris Brunskill is an electronics engineer specialising in small satellite systems and mission design. He obtained a Masters of Engineering degree in electronics and satellite engineering from the University of Surrey and a PhD in space robotics from the Surrey Space Centre. His work focuses on the development of new satellite applications that utilise small satellite platforms for demonstration of novel technologies and new mission concepts. Chris is passionate about open, innovative technology development in the space sector.
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Graeme Taylor
Space Missions Analyst
AccesstoSpace@sa.catapult.org.uk +44 (0)1235 567999

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