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15/10/2018 - 10:00 am


15/10/2018 -

Please join us on the 15 October at the Satellite Applications Catapult, at 10am, to hear a talk by Alan Smart.

Alan Smart is a Senior Associate at ACIL Allen Consulting. He advises on economics and policy in the geospatial, infrastructure and energy sectors. He is a leading specialist in assessing the economic value of geospatial and space systems and is the author of numerous reports and papers on this topic in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and England. He has also contributed to publications on methodologies for economic assessments in this area.

Alan is the Chair of the Tasmanian Spatial Information Council, an industry government advisory body whose mission is to facilitate and promote the use and application of geospatial information systems in the Australian state of Tasmania. Alan will discuss recent work he has undertaken on the size of the space industry sector in Australia and also provide an update on current developments in the use of earth observations from space and in the trialling of third generation SBAS in Australia. The Australian Government has made a commitment in its May Budget to develop such a service for Australia and New Zealand which will provide decimetre and better accuracy with high integrity in these countries.

Alan will also discuss work he has undertaken on the value of spatial information in several countries including Canada, England and Australia and provide examples in areas of government and local government and in industries such as planning and construction, agriculture, logistics and insurance. This will include recent work on the value of earth observations from space and on the potential value of 3D models of the digital built environment.


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