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05/04/2017 - 2:30 pm


05/04/2017 - 4:00 pm

Satuccino Summary:

Catapult Updates

  • IConIC Project, Antonios Mallis.

The Intelligent Condition monitoring with Integrated Communications (IConIC) project was aiming to improve vessel efficiency. This £1m project was funded through Innovate UK‘s CR&D programme. During the project we worked with STS Defence, NGnuity, LWPartners and two universities (Portsmouth and Southampton) to develop a resilient engine condition monitoring solution that is expected to achieve a 3-5% reduction in fuel consumption for large cruise liners which could equate to a £4m annual fuel bill saving. SDS Defence were the prime and during the project created a new division called Intellimon to exploit the technology developed and to consider new markets to sell the technology into. Our contributions to the IConIC project included technical consultancy in the satellite communications domain for their product development and facilities roll out. We were also able to demonstrate the technology to the consortium in our Communications Lab.

  • Grasslands, Francesco Liucci

The UK dairy industry (valued at £4.6B/annum) has faced severe economic challenges recently and there is widespread industry interest in better utilisation of grazed grass as it is the least expensive feed. Many farmers do not fully utilise the potential of their grazing systems. The cost of feeding grazed grass is only £0.03/litre of milk. When animals are housed the forage cost component of the diet more than doubles, as feeding conserved forage costs £0.07/litre. The Catapult is collaboratively working with the Agri-EPI Centre (Agri-EPI) undertaking a pilot research project which aims to exploit satellite data and other emerging technologies for precision management of grassland agriculture. The project ‘Grasslands’ aims to develop new technology to extend the grazing season by an additional 2 months or more which would lead to significant cost reductions and business benefits for the dairy industry.

  • Design Foundations, Delia Di Filippantonio

Design is key for any business developing new products and services that respond to real customer needs. The Catapult do design by conducting user research, helping businesses focus on the right problems and facilitating idea generation.

Innovate UK is running a new funding opportunity called “Design Foundations” that enables SMEs to access this kind of specialist design consultancy.

The Catapult is organising an event in June, in London, to promote the call. Keep an eye on our social media and website for further information.

Company Pitches

  • LivingMap, Gary McKay

Living Map is a digital map and data platform that delivers off-the-shelf and bespoke location-based services for urban and indoor spaces. https://livingmap.com/

  • Lacuna Networks, Omar Qaise

The company is building a global satellite network for the Internet-of-Things to provide clients the ability to monitor their assets in remote rural areas.

  • Effective Space, Shahiba Barick

Effective Space provides satellite operators with life-extension and other in-orbit services, deploying and operating a fleet of small spacecraft with a universal docking system.

Extra Shot in Portsmouth

  • South Coast Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications

Cluster Pitches

  • Tony Forstyh, UK Space Agency –  The UK space conference will be taking place from 30 May – 2 June 2017. Find out more, or book your tickets, by visiting: http://ukspace2017.co.uk/ 
  • ESA Kickstart: Automated Road Transport – open to ideas for services addressed to local authorities, infrastructure/road operators, public transport operators, logistics companies, private drivers, fleet operators and other relevant stakeholders in this sector.Funded at 75% by the Agency for a maximum amount of €60K per contract. https://artes-apps.esa.int/news/kick-start-activities-new-funding-opportunity-for-innovative-applications-ideas
  • ESNC & Copernicus Masters – Competitions are now open

Next Satuccino

  • Wednesday 3 of May, our Extra Shot will be in Inverness.
  • Save the date: 7 June (Satuccino in London), 5 July (Satuccino Summer BBQ)

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