Climate Services Sandpit



Satellite Applications Catapult
Fermi Ave
Harwell Campus
OX11 0QR


30/11/2015 - 9:00 am


01/12/2015 - 5:00 pm

Event Overview:

The Satellite Applications Catapult is hosting a two-day “sandpit” to develop proof-of-concept climate services projects. Sandpit events are when variety of disciplines and types of organisation come together to work together. The climate services projects will make use of climate information, together with a range of other information, to address real-world problems and challenges faced by businesses and government. The sandpit and projects are funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and will primarily focus on sectors and topics including infrastructure, food and agriculture, water, natural resources and risk management.

The context for this activity is the recent increased incorporation of climate change information into business decision-making and government policy and regulation which is anticipated to accelerate post COP-21 climate negotiations in November 2015, driving a requirement for new solutions. The current community which may be able to develop solutions is fragmented and the sandpit therefore aims to join up the value chains from research to application.

The outcome of the sandpit will be up to five multi-disciplinary proof-of-concept projects will be funded to a value of £20k each. These will be focussed on a specific problem/requirement of an organisation(s) requiring a climate service. Projects will be led by a research organisation (subject to NERC eligibility guidelines) with a team comprising other organisations, including, for instance, satellite data providers, environmental or software companies, together with an end-user. Please note that funding need not be spread evenly across participants and can only be used to fund eligible organisations. A variety of outcomes are possible and not predetermined, rather defined during the sandpit. All projects must be completed before 31 March 2016.

It is envisaged that these proof-of-concept projects will lead on to full-scale projects which may be funded by businesses, government or through mechanisms such as the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme.

Due to the intensive nature of this workshop which includes group working and continual evaluation of concepts, participants are required to attend for both full days of the sandpit. Overnight accommodation, food and refreshments will be provided for the duration of the sandpit. 

The mix of participants determines the success of the sandpit, ensuring that a good variety of disciplines and backgrounds attend.  We are therefore inviting prospective participants to complete the expression of interest form by Friday 13th November 2015.  This form will be used to select participants based on the following criteria:

  1. Relevance of background expertise.
  2. Demonstration of approach to team working.
  3. Proven ability to communicate with non-experts.
  4. Driver for attending sandpit.

Challenge Submission

If your organisation has an exciting challenge that could be addressed at this sandpit event, please contact:

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