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03/07/2018 -


03/07/2018 -

Space is a complex, challenging and dangerous environment, and to be able to access it, for both commerical and scientific missions, it is critical that the systems, processes and products that are used, are fit for purpose. Often it is difficult to model changes in a physical asset e.g. satellite without access to it, or risk of jeopardising the mission, thus a digital twinning is becoming a key tool for mission design, simulation and manufacturing.

Digital twinning is the process of creating a digital replica of a physical asset, mirroring the original completely. This twin can thus be tested, modified, improved or incorporated without risking the actual entity. Once proven those changes can be incorporated without risk to the mission or process.

Who Should Attend

The focus of the workshop is for companies involved in design, manufacturing, and development for space technologies. These could include ground segment companies e.g. provision of antennas and satellite dishes, launch companies involved in design and manufacture of rocket components and vehicles, companies building or developing parts for satellites and other spacecraft.

Why Attend

The workshop will focus on the tools and platforms that Siemens offer for the creation, utilisation and exploitation of digital twinning for space. It will look at best practice, worked examples and the opportunities that digital twinning brings the space and advanced manufacturing sectors.


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