Drone Futures: How the UK can Lead from the Front





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13/06/2018 -


13/06/2018 -

This one-day conference, organised by techUK, the UK’s foremost trade body for tech companies, and DJI, the world’s leading manufacturer of civilian drones, will provide a unique blend of policy and industry expertise from a range of eminent organisations and enterprises to discuss the most pressing and challenging questions surrounding the future of drones in the UK.


10.30 Welcome & introduction from Julian David, CEO, techUK

10.45 Elaine Whyte, Director, Drone Lead, PwC

            Keynote 1: From niche to mainstream to… what next?

  • The growth and potential of the UK drone sector
  • How drone data will drive strategy
  • Projections, insights and predictions from a senior sector analyst

11.10 Martin Brandenburg, Managing Director, DJI Europe

           Keynote 2: Innovation versus Regulation?

  • The drivers and pace of drone innovation
  • How industry, operators and policymakers must work together
  • A unique perspective from the leading drone manufacturer, DJI

11.30 – 12.45 Session 1: Developments that will define the drone use cases of tomorrow

Understanding some of the most exciting projects and advances in the sector that will materialise in the next 5-10 years

Moderator: tbc


  • Kumardev Chatterjee, CEO, Unmanned Life
  • Paul Febvre, CTO, Satellite Applications Catapult
  • Sam Nixson, Market Development Director, Meteomatics
  • Tbc

12.45 – 13.30 Networking Lunch

13.30 – 14.45 Session 2: Reconciling the present and the future: how to address concerns about security, safety and privacy

Panel discussion with leading experts and practitioners about the kind of policy framework and interventions that can best facilitate the continuous growth of the drone sector while addressing concerns

Moderator: tbc


  • Richard Parker, CEO, Altitude Angel
  • Brendan Schulman, Vice President of Policy & Legal Affairs, DJI
  • Robert MacDougall, Head of Enterprise Public Policy, Vodafone
  • Andy Sage, Account Director (Drones), NATS

14.45 – 15.15 Session 3: Balancing innovation and regulation: where next for drone policy in the UK?

Q&A with a senior Government representative about the Drone Bill and other Government actions

15.15 – 15.45 Coffee

15.45 – 17.00 Session 4: How to make the positive case for drones

Panel exploring how politics, business and operators can increase the social purpose of drones and gain greater public support for the emerging use cases and proliferation of drones

Moderator: tbc


  • Nick Rogers, Chief Regulatory and Training Officer, Sky-Futures
  • Nishita Dewan, Project Lead, Flying High Challenge
  • Christian Struwe, Head of Policy, DJI Europe
  • Ed Delderfield, Lincolnshire Police

17.00 – 19.00 Reception

Our Involvement:

Our Chief Technology Officer, Paul, is speaking in Session 1: Developments that will define the drone use cases of tomorrow.

Further Information:

If you would like to know more about our involvement in this, or other events, please get in touch with us at marketing@sa.catapult.org.uk.

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