IGS Climate Services Challenge



Satellite Applications Catapult
Electron Building,
Fermi Avenue,
Harwell Oxford,
OX11 0QR.


14/09/2015 - 1:30 pm


14/09/2015 - 3:30 pm


The growing demand for information on how the climate is changing and the likely impact on businesses, economies and societies, is being stimulated by the need to think and plan on a timescale that stretches to 2050 and well beyond. However, the need for action to mitigate, monitor and adapt is much more immediate. This report therefore looks at the opportunities for UK business and the public sector to develop its presence in this market over the next fifteen years to 2030.

This has reinforced need for a UK roadmap that focuses on:

  • the means to find and use data matching specific sectoral and individual user needs much more easily.
  • bridging gaps in awareness, understanding and expertise between the satellite community, scientists, data specialists and potential users of satellite data.
  • ensuring that UK commercial suppliers of climate-related services can influence the institutional infrastructure which generates and provides access to satellite and more widely integrated data sets.
  • stimulating development of business models that work for private sector suppliers who want to use satellite data to enhance the impact and effectiveness of the services they offer to end-users.

The IGS Challenge Event will present the market opportunity and the actions that are necessary for the UK to capitalise on it. The aim is to have a constructive discussion to identify the most appropriate actions and reach agreement to take these forward. 


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More information/Related Events:

As there is significant interest in Climate Services we are hosting two separate sessions, one in London on 9th September and this one in Harwell on Monday 14th September. If you would like more details on the London session, please contact Joanna Hart: Joanna.hart@sa.catapult.org.uk

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