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22/04/2015 - 10:00 am


22/04/2015 - 4:00 pm

Developing markets for climate services and a roadmap for UK service suppliers

This workshop will examine opportunities and markets for supplying climate services using satellite data. Exploring and prioritising new markets for such space-based services are important parts of the UK’s Space Innovation and Growth Strategy Action Plan (see below). Development of the relevant data management aspects needed to underpin such services is moving forward on a number of relevant fronts.

Preceding workshops and other activities have already started to address development of the planned European Data Store at the ECMWF and the associated channels for accessing data, including preparation of a European roadmap for such services.

This industry orientated workshop will look at how UK businesses can capitalise on these and other sources of data to offer new value-adding information services to existing and new end-user clients.

The objective will be to build on previous market estimation work to:

  • Obtain a clearer view of business potential for the future
  • Develop the roadmap leading to the delivery of new services
  • Determine next actions for fulfilling the objective of winning new business for the UK       

The initial focus is likely to be on the eight largest/most promising markets for climate information. These are civil engineering; wind energy and other renewable energy including hydroelectric power generation; local government; agriculture; oil and gas exploration; multi-media and broadcasting; water supply including water resource management; insurance and re-insurance. Forestry and construction could also be worth considering.

The challenge will be to determine how space-based data can be used to improve the services that go to make up these markets.

The workshop will cover:

  • Examples of how such markets are currently served
  • The landscape for supply of data, from all sources
  • Barriers to building value-added climate services, including regulatory issues
  • Opportunities for market development and greater use of satellite data, including export opportunities
  • Supply chain development
  • Support for development, including from the EU

The workshop is being organised by the IGS Programme Management Office and industry under the auspices of UKspace and BARSC.

Who should attend?

We are keen to welcome those from industry and the public sector who are active in the climate services domain, can contribute knowledge of markets and supply chains, and are interested in developing and supplying climate services to commercial and public sector clients in the UK and worldwide.


This workshop is being jointly organised by the Satellite Applications Catapult & Knowledge Transfer Network.


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