Interactive Visual Analysis of 4-Dimensional fields, processes & dynamics



ISIC, Electron Building Fermi Avenue Harwell Science and Innovation Campus , Harwell, OX11 0QR, United Kingdom


24/01/2012 - 12:00 pm


24/01/2012 - 1:00 pm

Workshop objectives

This workshop is carried out in the context of an ESA project in order to specify a cross domain 4D+1 visualisation system. Although many visualisation tools for data processing exist, nothing compares to the skills, knowledge and eyes of an Expert. Our goal will be to answer this question: How can we provide the visualisation tools to explore and understand large datasets, and make decisions based on them?

Attendees will have the opportunity to share experience and best practice with different specialists (technology providers, scientists, decision makers) from different fields to identify which technology, techniques and devices could be used.

The workshop will be based around four major themes:

  • Visualisation techniques: large data visualisation, data summarization
  • Working in collaboration: research and result- sharing, several users visualizing on the same platform
  • Data sharing and data access
  • Communication/Media: How to communicate with other specialists or with non specialist communities

Draft Agenda

  • 10:00                     Welcome by the host (ISIC/NCEO)
  • 10:05                     Presentation of ESA’s objectives (ESA)
  • 10:30                     Presentation of IVA4D (Magellium)
  • 11:00                     Workshop aims and introduction to session 1
  • 11:15                      Coffee break
  • 13:30                     Splinter Group session 1 – user needs
  • 13:00                     Lunch
  • 14:00                     Introduction to session 2
  • 14:15                      Splinter Group session 2 – project focussed
  • 15:30                     Wash-up
  • 16:00                     Close


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