Soil Moisture Workshop



Satellite Applications Catapult
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25/01/2017 - 10:00 am


25/01/2017 - 3:30 pm

Soil moisture is a fundamental parameter required by many sectors (e.g. infrastructure, agriculture, flooding, fire risk) but there are no simple mechanisms by which it can be readily supplied to users.

This workshop will bring together UK academics and researchers working on topics related to soil moisture with commercial organisations wanting to use soil moisture information in their products and services. The aim of the workshop is to inform on the current state of technology for soil moisture retrieval (using satellite information, in-situ networks and models) and identify what is currently possible.

The workshop is open to all UK based researchers with expertise related to soil moisture and UK industry in the space sector or value added sector.


Click here to view the final agenda

Delegate List

Click here to view the final delegate list


Welcome & Introductions – Sarah Johnson & Richard Lamb

Satellite SAR Retrieval of Soil Moisture – Brian Barrett

New Approaches to Retrieving Soil Moisture from SAR data – Keith Morrison

COSMOS-UK Soil Moisture Network – Jonathan Evans

Modelling Soil Moisture – Giuseppe Formetta

The HydEOMex Project – Jamie Hannaford

Challenges in the Agri-Tech Sector – Martyn Silgram

Application and Challenges of Using Soil Moisture Information for Managing Network Rail’s Earthworks – Oliver Pritchard and Aine Doggett-Brookes


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