Opportunities, Blockers & Enablers

The Satellite Applications Catapult adopts a limited number of programmes at any time so that we can use our resources to best effect and concentrate on helping businesses and universities, as well as engaging the relevant user community. In order to build these communities of interest, we identify the opportunities and the challenges in each area, and make it clear how we can help.

Building Communities

Within each programme, the Catapult identifies one or more opportunities, which are ideas that we believe can be exploited. For every opportunity, we produce a rationale, clearly identifying the blocking issues (the need for us to engage) and the enablers the Catapult will bring – be it expertise, facilities or business support. (See the Explore Markets page for more details.)

We publish these rationales in order to encourage a community of interest. By ensuring that each programme has a clearly defined and published rationale, we can make sure that the community will value its activities and that the programme will stimulate engagement from outside the Space sector, both in terms of new users and entrepreneurs.

For each programme we will seek collaborative funding from appropriate sources, such as Horizon 2020, European Space Agency and Innovate UK.

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