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Innovate UK EDGE SME Growth Fund

If your company is innovation-driven and growing, but you want to take it to the next level, Innovate UK is here to help.

The Innovate UK EDGE SME Growth Fund, awards up to £15,000 of grant funding to ambitious high growth SMEs registered in the UK who are looking to scale and innovate. The Catapult Network, including the Satellite Applications Catapult, is taking part in this scheme as supplier, providing our Business Support Sessions as well as access to our Facilities.

Businesses that are suitable for the service and the appropriate use of the grant funding include:

  • Businesses that need to explore and test new product ideas
  • Provision of technical expertise and sector knowledge
  • Advice on regulatory and government processes along with access to networks of customers, services and funders.
  • Identifying opportunities for R&D, collaboration and partnership building
  • Sector specific expert advice and support with market analysis, cost modelling, business‐case support, creation of industry‐relevant R&D project plans
  • Businesses that need sector specific advice and support to commercialise their innovation and their adoption, improve efficiency, make their business operations more sustainable, or investigate market gaps, Catapults have dedicated teams to explore specific needs in detail.


To start your application process, please reach out to Innovate UK via their website.

If you need assistance with your application, or the type of support that would be suitable for you, get in touch with our team:


Sprint Programme – Short burst, high intensity workshops that supports companies with market, technology or user needs to develop a strategy for the next stage of their business. Contact our team:

  • Market Sprint – Explore commercial opportunities for product/service concepts
  • User Sprint – Customer and user engagement and validation
  • Technology Sprint – Explore and validate space technologies
  • Service Design Sprint – Service design and blueprinting
  • Commercialisation Sprint – Development of go-to market strategies
  • Communication Sprint – Communication of value to stakeholders

Westcott Incubator and Accelerator – A new funding opportunity that will enable businesses of various sizes and maturity, to access the facilities and expert teams based at Westcott to explore, build, and test their innovations:


Connect & Collaborate: Our co-working facilities, meeting rooms, and business support packages offer space businesses the opportunity to be connected across the UK, bridging gaps in geography, and creating physical and virtual spaces to collaborate. Find out more >>

Prototyping & Development: We have a variety of in-house processes; including additive manufacturing, fabrication, manufacturing tools and cleans rooms, to help you develop the next generation of satellite services, all alongside our team of industry experts. Find out more >>

Manufacturing: Our world-class facilities have state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities; including electronic assembly, mechanical processing, and additive manufacturing. Work alone, in collaboration, or with the advice of our team who specialise across robotics, manufacturing, in-orbit operations, and much more. Find out more >>

Testing & Validation: Product innovation relies on the ability to build and test prototypes quickly and effectively. Our capabilities enable you to move swiftly and confidently through these phases, meaning your product will be innovative, reliable, and brought to market sooner. Test your hypothesis, get invaluable feedback from our experts, save time and money, and build confidence in your product or service. Find out more >>