Explore Technologies

Through the Satellite Applications Catapult’s Explore Technology programme, we have identified key areas that will underpin the development of new satellite applications. One of these is the development of platforms and facilities to enable and assist their exploitation.

Creating Opportunities

For satellite technology to deliver its full potential, it needs to be placed in the hands of users in a way they understand and can use – although it’s possible they won’t even know they are using it. We need to present the technology in a way that creates opportunities, instead of obstacles. Our activities need to empower organisations to work together and use satellite systems.

Consequently, we aim to create development platforms and intellectual property to facilitate the rapid and low cost development, testing and deployment of applications that utilise satellite assets, services or data.

In future, satellite and terrestrial systems will be seamlessly integrated. Innovations are already taking place in all aspects of satellite technologies, costs are reducing and access increasing. To capitalise on this, we need to support the development of new:

  • Information services with remote sensing technology
  • Location-based services with enhanced satellite navigation
  • Connectivity services with satellite communications
  • Mission concepts to deliver new satellite services
  • Innovation in applications by empowering users

Achieving Our Objectives

To achieve our goals, we are creating teams with core competencies in each of these key technology areas. These teams are working with the community to develop programmes, create platforms and deliver projects to enable the UK to capitalise on this innovation and economic potential.

Through this, we aim to establish a rich ecosystem of satellite application development within the UK; encouraging investment in skills and providing companies with the tools and expertise to develop and exploit satellite applications so they can compete effectively in national and global markets. Importantly, we are opening up opportunities to non-experts in the same way as the wider Internet has fuelled entrepreneurship.

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