2015 Competition Winner

About REALRIDER®’s winning idea in 2015

Technology that detects when a motorbike rider has crashed and automatically notifies the emergency services so that prompt and potentially life-saving action can be taken. Serial entrepreneurs and motorcycle riders, Zoe Farrington and Andrew Richardson of REALRIDER® identified the vulnerability of lone riders, potentially immobile after a crash and without witnesses to call for help, and therefore developed the REALRIDER® app which enables local ambulance services to quickly find and treat the patient, thus greatly improving their chances of survival.

REALsafe® crash detection technology is embedded within REALRIDER®, and monitors a smartphone’s accelerometer together with satellite positioning data. Key sensors in the smartphone look for changes such as rapid deceleration, a tumbling motion, followed by a period of non-movement.

When REALsafe® detects an impact, a two minute ‘crash alert’ countdown is triggered, and if the alert remains active (a rider can manually cancel), the rider’s last known GPS coordinates are communicated to the nearest ambulance control centre along with the rider’s pre-programmed phone number and medical information.

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