Example Idea: Augmented Reality

The problem

With satellite technology becoming ever more accessible and affordable, and therefore playing a more significant role in our daily lives, the Satellite Applications Catapult is exploring new ways of demonstrating the capabilities of satellites to a larger audience.

The idea

Example Idea Augmented RealityOne way we’re doing this is through the use of augmented reality technology. This offers an engaging and interactive experience while demonstrating the different sizes, shapes and uses of devices associated with the Space industry.
A good example is the PocketSat, which measures 5cm x 5cm x 5cm and can be used for simple tasks while in orbit. The augmented reality application built by the Catapult offers guidance when building the satellite, in conjunction with an IKEA-style manual. This is intended to show how simple it can be to put together a launchable satellite.

AR-pocketsat-assembly AR-pocketsat-assembly-instructions

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