ITT: Machine Learning and Remote Sensing in Tanzania

Closing date: 20 July 2017

Technology for efficient exploitation of satellite imagery has advanced rapidly in recent years. The availability of very high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery, coupled with enormous computing power to process these images is opening up new opportunities to survey roads. This proof of concept research project will explore whether machine learning and high resolution Earth Observation (EO) imagery can reduce the cost and increase the speed of rural road surveying in Tanzania. It will build upon a growing body of research moving toward a method for the automatic identification of road layout and road condition survey from EO data.

You are invited to submit a tender for this proof of concept study investigating the use of remote sensing and applied machine learning for the assessment of low volume road condition. This is part of the IMC Worldwide-managed Frontier Technology Livestream Programme.

For more information on this opportunity please visit the STARHub website.


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