I-Sat Connection project: A commercial opportunity in Africa

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Overarching aim: To deliver tangible economic benefits from the use of UK satellite technology to countries that currently do not have these benefits, and generate a bridge between the UK space sector and strategic emerging countries by doing so.

Further information about the project and consortium

Commercial Opportunity

As part of the I-Sat Connection project, Equity Bank plans to leverage its assets and agent network, along with Inmarsat’s mobile satellite capabilities, to deliver high quality digital services that drive growth in Kenya and beyond. Part of the consortium’s work is focused on identifying the most appropriate content and applications that can be successfully offered via the Equity Bank’s agent network.

  • Working in partnership with the Equity Bank Group, Inmarsat will provide connectivity to enable financial services, welfare and other content access to over 200 locations in Kenya.

In this context, a sprint process has been developed to evaluate and trial new content and applications.

We invite companies, content and application providers to submit their interest in participating in the trials in Kenya, and having the opportunity to establish long-term engagement with the I-Sat Connection project’s partners by completing the online form provided below.

Opportunities for third party content/application providers:

  • Fast track into one of the biggest and fastest growing economies in Africa
  • Close working collaboration with an authoritative and trusted brand (Equity Bank Group) which will allow you to tap into a wide and growing agent network in East Africa, including:
    • Access to a range of previously unconnected users
    • Access to relevant “user/customers” in or through the Equity Bank Group agent network
    • Potential long-term commercial arrangement with Equity Bank Group or end-users
  • Working with a consortium of world leading companies and experts
  • Tap into the opportunity to work more closely with Inmarsat, by leveraging existing services and programmes, including:
    • Service Enablement Platform (SEP) – a Cisco-supplied service enablement platform which is Inmarsat’s gateway to advanced products and services. It allows partners and application developers to create and deliver value-added services in support of their global customer requirements
    • Enterprise Certified Application Partner Programme (CAP) – which allows third party companies to develop applications and solutions that are compatible with Inmarsat’s satellite communications network. By certifying applications through this programme, Inmarsat offers qualified companies access to their global enterprise sales channel and customer base to promote their voice, broadband and/or machine-to-machine solutions.

What we are looking for

Commercial Requirements

We are looking for UK companies who can deliver digital content and/or application services to rural and unconnected areas in Africa. The content provided can entail a wide array of themes and domains, ranging from, and not restricted to:

  • Agriculture
  • Health
  • Education
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Environment
  • Financial literacy

Technical Requirements

The digital content or application services that will be selected will need to be delivered via the I-Sat Connection platform. This is a satellite communication-enabled suite of technologies combining several capabilities to maximise the opportunities for locally available content and services in communities with little or no access to cellular coverage.

Key Platform Components are:

  • Satellite connectivity
  • Local web server and content repository
  • Local wifi network with access to a variety of wifi-enabled devices / access points including:
    • Feature phones (wifi-enabled)
    • Smartphones
    • Tablets
    • PCs / laptops



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