OPP1003 Background and Consortium

Project Overview

Overarching aim:

To deliver tangible economic benefits from the use of UK satellite technology to countries that currently do not have these benefits, and generate a bridge between the UK space sector and strategic emerging countries by doing so.

Key Objectives:

Improve access to digital services

Use Inmarsat’s mobile satellite capabilities for the provision of high quality digital services that drive economic growth in emerging markets.

Develop evidence base for new business models

Strengthen the evidence base and define and test new innovative commercial models that demonstrate the critical role of mobile satellite communications (and particularly those of UK companies) in supporting inclusive digital economies in emerging markets.

Grow the space industry’s role in emerging markets

Share the research, case studies and knowledge from the work streams to grow the overall industry, allowing others to follow up on our projects and replicate them.

Delivered by a consortium bringing expertise in satellite technology, ICT for economic growth and an understanding of Africa and emerging markets.

Consortium Lead


Role: Expertise in space-based communications and technology.

Value Proposition: Inmarsat leads with unparalled expertise in global satellite communications.

Strategy in Africa & Emerging Markets


Role: Strategic direction and planning. Footprint across 45 countries in Africa. Innovation, technology.

Value Proposition: Dalberg delivers strategic direction and innovation to maximise impact across Africa.

Digital Services and Architecture



Role: Experience defining and analysing digital economies in emerging markets.

Value Proposition: Caribou drives end-to-end architecture and community management to build digital economies in emerging markets.

Application Research and Design


Role:User application research to pilot development dissemination to drive applications growth.

Value Proposition: The Satellite Applications Catapult facilitates collaboration and best practice sharing to advance the Space industry.

Anchor Partners


Role: Largest, fastest growing financial services in Africa. Global. Unparalleled expertise.

Value Proposition: Anchor partners drive content delivery, local insight, and implementation expertise, both during and beyond project lifecycle.

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