3D Terrain Intelligence from Space (16/15)

Company: Terrabotics

Location: Imperial Business Incubator, Bessemer Building, South Kensington, London, SW7 2AZ


Terrabotics is a fast-paced Startup working at the intersection of Geospatial, Computer Vision and Space technologies.

As we witness a genuine revolution in the commercial space sector, with ever lower-cost, yet higher-resolution satellite imagery coming online, Terrabotics is positioned to transform terabytes of satellite imagery into useful geospatial intelligence. Using our advanced algorithms and high performance cloud computing, we are fusing the accuracy of photogrammetry with the automation of computer vision and machine learning to generate engineering-grade analytics that solve real problems for the Energy & Natural Resources industries.

We are a collaborative and dynamic team focused on building the future of scalable earth observation-based solutions. If you are ready to work hard and have a willingness to expand your skill and knowledge set every day, we are looking for new team members to help build out our stack–from back-end image processing development to creating elegant user experiences in the front-end, and everything in between.


  • Work within a close-knit and multi-disciplinary team on design and software development sprints
  • Create efficient processes to manage large geospatial vector, points and raster datasets at scale
  • Develop high performance front-end and back-end web mapping software applications

Available Projects:

Project 1: Open Terrain Map

Our goal is to make it easy for any end-users to access, interact with and analyse remote 3D terrain data for mapping, measurement & monitoring tasks. We have established partnerships with premium high-resolution satellite and UAV imagery providers, but we also want to integrate & aggregate the disparate sources of free and openly available 2.5D raster elevation and 3D point cloud data sets that are out there into an easily accessible, unified and painless platform. The project goal would be to build an open web platform and server infrastructure allowing the geo-community and beyond to access & stream free elevation and LiDAR data in a consistent format and location.

Work may include:

  • Discovering, downloading and managing spatial datasets such as Digital Elevation models, point clouds and satellite imagery
  • Manipulating large terrain data such as rasters, point clouds and TINS
  • Re-projecting coordinate systems and adjusting vertical datums
  • Performing spatial analyses on raster terrain elevation datasets
  • Automating geospatial data management & batch processing through scripting (e.g. Python)
  • Setting up and managing virtual server infrastructure e.g. AWS
  • Deploying, configuring ad testing web mapping server software

Project 2: Application Development

To complement the stream of satellite imagery & 3D elevation data available on-demand through our Terrain Intelligence platform, we are building a suite of geospatial tools for engineers, decision-makers & project managers to remotely assess complex terrain environments. Equally, asset managers in the insurance & aviation industries are seeking tools to measure natural features and man-made obstacles. The project goal would be to develop a new application for the web platform. We have a long list of development projects and we can discuss which best aligns with your skills.

Work may include:

  • Supporting development and stress testing a geospatial algorithm (e.g. flooding analysis, line-of-site, building measurement, geological mapping)
  • Prepare mockups & demos that describe workflow behavior and user interactions
  • Using a geospatial web development stack (e.g. Leaflet.js, python, node.js three.js etc) to develop the web GIS application and visualisations.
  • Collaborating with our business team to define feature specifications and timelines

Student Specification:

Final year Master’s student preferably with a background in something related to geospatial technologies such as GIS and Remote Sensing and photogrammetry or computer sciences. An interest in spatial analysis and terrain data is highly desired along with a proven aptitude for programming and scripting.

What You Add?

  • GTD Attitude. Identify next actions, communicate intent, and execute. We’re a fast-paced team, and this role covers a wide area, so a results-driven mentality is critical.
  • Ownership Thinking. Have the ability to take ownership and make decisions. Passion and self-motivation is key. You won’t be told what to do. You’ll be expected to own and deliver.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit. Desire to bring practical solutions to people to solve their problems.
  • Elegance. You want things to be simple, particularly the user experience, and believe in the value of beautiful design. Even if you can’t do it yourself, at least appreciate it.
  • Hunger. If you don’t know it, you want to know it. Always learning and improving.
  • Technical Diligence. Geodetical awareness. You can develop an understanding of map datums, projections, CRS’s and EPSG codes and quickly learn to appreciate what could happen when things go wrong…

Everything we do involves maps and EO data, with a focus on usability and simplicity. We thrive on building amazing mapping and analysis tools to help individuals and organizations solve complex engineering challenges.

We are looking for talented software developers and next generation geographers with a passion for maps and technology to join our team and help us to visualiseanalyse, manage and serve the vast amounts of satellite imagery and mapping data that we process everyday.

The Nitty Gritty: To be mutually agreed, for a 12-week contract (Induction Day will be at Harwell on 27 June). £1,850 pcm gross.

Applications for this opportunity are now closed

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