Benefits to the sponsor or host organisation

  • A bright, enthusiastic self-starter placed with you and your team for eight weeks over the summer
  • An injection of fresh ideas and enthusiasm, together with up-to-date academic knowledge
  • Carry out a defined project or piece of work you may not otherwise have resource for.
  • A chance to informally ‘interview’ a potential employee of the future and potentially save your organisation significant recruitment costs

Placements offered through SPIN are unique. We seek host organisations who can provide a paid work placement that offers valuable ‘real world’ work and learning opportunities, and a chance to contribute to a defined project.

During the placement, SPIN will provide support and mentoring, enabling both hosts and interns to get the most from the experience. Your part of the scheme is to support and mentor these Spinterns during their placement, and provide them with a commercial context for the application of their skills. We know from previous experience that Spinterns have contributed in very tangible ways to the businesses they worked in, some even staying on beyond their placement to work on commercial projects.

We will need you to set out beforehand the kind of placement you are offering, the anticipated outcomes in terms of deliverables and learning objectives, what kind of individuals you are hoping to take on and the level of payment you can offer to the Spintern. Indications of the range and type of projects that have been supported are given in SPIN projects, but obviously every project is unique. We know that the more thought that goes into scoping the project at the outset, the easier it is for hosts to support their Spinterns throughout the project and for Spinterns to hit the ground running. Of course, we can offer advice and guidance on designing suitable projects where required.

Please bear in mind the following:

  • Some potential Spinterns tend to be focussed (rightly) on exams during April and May – this is not a good time to be advertising your project.
  • The most organised individuals are looking for placements early – the earlier your project is advertised, the better the chance it has of being spotted by the most switched on individuals.


Each 2018 placement will be publicised on this website for approximately four weeks, commencing in January 2018 or whenever you send it to us. All applications go through the SPIN office to ensure eligibility before being forwarded to the project host for consideration / acceptance on closure of this period. Selection is through normal processes and hosts decide whether they wish to interview or not. All applicants should be notified either way, within 4 weeks of the closing date. We request that all hosts are kind enough to follow this nicety. The relationship is then between host organisation and Spintern. We ask that hosts inform the office as soon as they have made their offer.

We will host a group Induction Day at the Satellite Applications Catapult, Harwell on 18 June 2018. This is an opportunity for all Spinterns and their hosts to meet each other and hear about the breadth of opportunities there are within the sector, develop their own networks, and find other like-minded people they can explore ideas with in the future. This event has proved to be one of the most important opportunities for all Spinterns over the past five years. The eight-week project can be carried out at any time during the summer vacation, by mutual agreement between Spintern and host.

Spinterns are then asked to produce a poster report and deliver a 2-minute presentation in agreement with their host supervisor for presentation at the Showcase Event in the Autumn. This event gives the Spintern the opportunity to demonstrate what they’ve got out of the placement and show off their ability to communicate in a professional scenario, not to mention waving the flag for your organisation.


If you may be interested in hosting a Spintern, please email We welcome initial, informal enquiries – making an enquiry does not commit you in any way.

Frequently Asked Questions

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