Developing an Animation to Communicate the Benefits of Satellite Earth Observation (Ref 17/06)

Company: eOsphere Ltd

Location: Harwell, Oxfordshire

Supervisor: Nick Walker

Company Description: eOsphere uses innovative satellite Earth observation techniques for solving real world problems, including: pollution, drought, floods, forest fires & hazard warnings. A key sector for eOsphere is its satellite ground receiving stations which have been designed, built and exported throughout the world for the reception and processing of low to medium resolution earth observation satellite imagery. Typical customers are meteorological institutes, environment agencies, ministries for fishing and coast guards. Recent project locations include: Cuba, Malaysia, Mongolia, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Greece. eOsphere also has extensive experience in polar and maritime applications.

Project Description: The aim of the project is for a designer working with animation to express and promote the work being conducted at eOsphere. Ideally this would focus on one aspect of eOsphere’s work, for example with regard to a specific application (pollution, drought, floods, forest fires etc.) in a particular country (to be determined). This is an opportunity to use your imagination and technical skills, collaboratively with our team (and potentially with our customers), to produce animated work which is stimulating and thought provoking. At the end of the project the aim would be to have two animations: one being documentary in style and the other being more conceptual/artistic. Both of which eOsphere could exhibit to convey how science and space technology can serve humanity.

Student Specification:

  • Suggested degree programme: Design/Animation/Video
  • Key skills: The ability to communicate a message through animation

The Nitty Gritty: 8-10 weeks during the academic summer vacation period. (SPIN Induction Day will be at Harwell on 26 June.) £1,400 pcm

Closing Date for Applications: This role is now closed.

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