Evaluating state-of-the-art atmospheric correction techniques for optical satellite data (Ref 17/19)

Company: Satellite Applications Catapult, Applied Digital Intelligence Team

Location: Harwell, Oxford

Background: An unprecedented number of optical Earth observation satellites are now acquiring data. As a result, an unprecedented volume of data is now available to end users. Correcting for the influence of atmospheric effects upon these datasets is a fundamental pre-processing stage required prior to the application of robust spatial or temporal processing, analysis or value adding techniques that require knowledge of Earth surface reflectance values.

A wide range of software packages is available that enables the application of a variety of atmospheric correction methods. The variance in the use of different algorithms means there is inconsistency in methods chosen by different users. Therefore, it is hugely important to have a confident understanding of the variability and validity of the software tools and methods available. Particularly as these corrections are automatically applied to generate analysis ready data that can be used for deriving temporally sensitive value added products, that often depend heavily upon the integrity of the corrected image datasets.

Project Description: This project will focus on developing a process for the efficient comparison and validation of different atmospheric correction methods and software for state-of-the-art optical satellite Earth observation datasets; ranging from very high resolution (1.2 m) multi-spectral commercial to moderate resolution (10 m) multi-spectral freely available imagery.

Student Specification: Applicants should be numerate, have competent computing skills, and be able to critically evaluate problems, suggest solutions and show initiative in a supervised project. Target courses: Physics, Remote Sensing, Engineering, Physical Geography, Mathematics, IT and other similar courses

The Nitty Gritty: 8 weeks fixed-term contract to be agreed with successful candidate but nominally with a start date around 26 June which is also the SPIN Induction day at Harwell. Salary is £1,500 per calendar month. (guide only)

Closing Date for Applications: 24 April 2017. Applications will be through the online form attaching a CV, before the closing date.  They will be checked for eligibility and forwarded to the employer. Please include the reference number in the email subject line.

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