Staff Testimonials

Chloe Dady – HR Officer

Chloe DadyI joined the Catapult in June 2013, as the idea of being able to work in an HR department with the capacity to help develop new processes, procedures and practices really excited me. With the Catapult being so new, I was able to have an active input and that was something I hadn’t had the opportunity to do in the past. I love the fact that every day here is different, and having all of your customers (employees) working in the same building as you is something I haven’t had before; it’s great to be able to build such strong relationships.

Being such a small team also allows me to have exposure to all aspects of HR – everything from employee relations issues to interviewing and developing policies makes for such a varied role. It is also refreshing when you have worked in such corporate environments to be able to push an innovative culture, and test new ideas such as the ‘staff houses’ concept and ‘Office Olympics’ – it’s great fun. Due to the nature of HR, it is fundamentally very process-driven, so being able to diversify the expectations of the department is something that I really enjoy.

Natasha Hyde – Digital Communications Assistant

Natasha HydeI started at the Catapult as Digital Communications Assistant in August 2013 and it has proved to be a steep and thoroughly enjoyable learning curve since day one. Entering the space industry through such a forward thinking, innovative and ‘can do’ company has meant that I have developed a passion for the industry.

At the core of the company culture is team work and collaboration. New ideas, concepts and pushing boundaries are constantly embraced and encouraged. Being part of a small but growing organisation means that I feel that everyone has the chance to add their own contribution to business outputs and culture, which is rewarding within itself.

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