Event Background

Satuccino is a monthly networking event for Catapult-engaged individuals or organisations who use satellite technology or data. The event is held on the first Wednesday of the month at 14:30 at the Catapult, and gives attendees the opportunity to hear updates, and to network with others, from across the Satuccino network.

The Satuccino: Extra Shot is a live video link up between the main Satuccino at Harwell and our Centres of Excellence and Regional network across the UK.

If you have not attended before and would like to discuss whether the event is relevant to you, please get in touch with us.

Please note: Attendance to this event is limited to those working in space, satellite applications or related sectors.


Register for the next Satuccino: Extra Shot by clicking here.

Register for the next Satuccino by clicking here.

Past Events

To see the updates from a previous Satuccino, click on the months below.









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