Applications and Solutions

A core mission of the Satellite Applications Catapult is to provide platforms and expertise that make it simpler for organisations to exploit satellite services and data. The Applications and Solutions team helps software developers to integrate satellite and non-satellite-derived data with their applications, and designs platforms and standards to make this integration easier.

Why Applications Development Matters

Applications development platforms are intended to be ecosystems in their own right, with a set of standards and an open infrastructure that shows how to ingest, manage, secure, process, analyse, disseminate and visualise data. They also have specific plug-ins that are compliant with these standards in order to add value; this could be to implement a particular analysis algorithm or provide a new visualisation method.

These platforms will benefit the community in several ways, including:

  • Simplifying the creation of new applications to permit faster and cheaper prototyping of ideas and decreasing time to market
  • Developing a marketplace where experts can sell value-add plug-ins
  • Creating an ecosystem where companies can offer standards-compliant infrastructures for applications developers to leverage.

Strategic Initiatives

The first such applications development platform is being developed as part of the Maritime programme activities, beginning with the Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported fishing project. This will take the form of a maritime domain awareness platform that simplifies the development of applications that integrate and analyse tracking, registration, identity and related information in order to provide situation awareness for organisations that monitor maritime activities.

Further Information about Applications Development

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