With information and security arrangements shared across a supply chain, the cyber-security controls of any one organisation are potentially only as strong as that of the weakest member of the supply chain – so how can the Catapult help you?

How the Satellite Applications Catapult can help you

The Satellite Applications Catapult recognises that cyber threat (as well as other internal and external threats) to UK businesses is growing. In order to effectively reduce these threats (both to the Catapult and those whom we engage with), the provision of clear and concise security education and guidance to businesses is key.

Security education and guidance is currently available through a variety of websites and online training, and the UK Government recommends – and in certain cases mandates – alignment of business information technology working practices to the Cyber Essentials Scheme.

In order to complement cyber defence, we acknowledge that a holistic view of security and risk management needs to be adopted across industry. Through an effective risk management approach, businesses will be able to identify other appropriate protective security measures needed to reduce the threats to all business areas; personnel, physical, document, business continuity etc. As well as maintaining our own high level of protective security, we plan to use our security expertise and that gained in achieving the Cyber Essentials Plus certification to guide the organisations that we work with so that they can also maintain a level of security that provides not only confidence and assurance to their employees, but also to all their respective stakeholders and clients.

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Where can you find out more information?

Cyber Security

Threat Awareness

 Introduction to some of the threats that may affect your business:

Risk Awareness

Best practice risk awareness advice for your business:

Business Resilience

Have you given thought about how your business will recover from an unforeseen event?

Supply Chain Security

Personnel Security

Physical Security

Raise your awareness on how to deter, detect, delay, deny and defend the threats to your business

Security Education

In order to protect your business, you and your employees must be aware and understand the threats

Reporting a Crime or Concern

Whether it’s a fraud or cyber attack… know how to report it!

Security Policy

Links to the Government’s standards, best practice guidelines and approaches required to protect UK government assets and our space security interests:

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