Centres of Excellence

In order to stimulate growth in satellite applications across the UK, the Satellite Applications Catapult has created Centres of Excellence which act as ambassadors and representatives for the Catapult in their local regions, coordinating activities and investment, and extending our reach.

Why Centres of Excellence matter

Our Centres of Excellence help us to:

  • Identify key areas of current or potential satellite applications research strength
  • Ensure the key areas are linked to local industry and user markets to foster new collaborations
  • Help the Catapult identify and bridge gaps in capability that need to be strengthened to enable growth in the market sector


We have five Centres of Excellence. The first three were announced in March 2014, with a further two (South Coast, South West) announced in February 2016.

  • North East Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence: The North East Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence offers opportunities and partnerships to unlock market opportunities within the North East of the UK which will benefit local and national economies. The Centre will ensure the successful commercialisation of new technology and innovations by cementing the UK’s position as a key player in the satellite technology sector.
  • Scottish Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications (SoXSA): The Centre has an end-to-end focus on the use of satellite-derived data to challenge conventional ideas and develop new concepts in the exploitation of space for the betterment of life on Earth. This end-to-end philosophy enables new space mission technologies that deliver new space-based data products in response to user needs. Through this, SoXSA seeks to foster economic growth and launch new opportunities.
  • East Midlands Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence: The centre has a vision to support the acceleration of satellite applications across the greater East Midlands. The aims are to promote and enable the regional exploitation of Earth Observation, GNSS and geospatial data and services throughout the business and public sectors. The vision is delivered by exploiting a mix of EU, national and regional funds to engage with organisations that are predominantly active in downstream applications sectors.
  • South Coast Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications: The Centre grows business investment by expanding the community of businesses investing in collaborative projects using satellite services (Communications, Navigations & Earth Observation) and data analytics, ultimately leading to an expanding portfolio of new products and services across a variety of application sectors.
  • South West Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications: The Centre is a South West collaboration between Exeter University, Plymouth University and Falmouth University working in close partnership with Goonhilly Earth Station and has commercial partner backing from Plymouth Marine Laboratory and Rothamsted Research.  The Centre has a vision to accelerate the growth of the region’s space industry with specialists in the marine, ehealth, agritech and business sectors, exploiting satellite data through innovation.

Further Information

To find out more about our Centres of Excellence and how they can work with and support you:

Visit the Centres of Excellence website

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