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Broadband to Aircraft

This market report assesses the use of broadband within aircraft, focusing specifically on applications which make use of digital connections.

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Broadband to Ships

This report covers the global shipping industry which includes vessels such as commercial ships, large fishing vessels, passenger, leisure marine, and larger privately owned or chartered pleasure vessels. This report does not include vessels for military or naval use. The international nature of the commercial shipping industry requires that this report covers global activities of the maritime sector. Data is derived from global studies but the information about companies and supply chains tends to reflect business in Western Europe and to some extent the Far East.

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Broadband to Trains 

This market report focuses on satellite broadband to trains. The report looks at the existing and developing market for broadband services to passengers, staff and contractors. A number of markets around the world, where there is significant rail infrastructure, are considered. The initial focus is on the UK, and others considered include Europe, Australia, China, Russia, South America, and the quickly developing area of Africa.

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Environmental Monitoring Services

This report aims to describe the potential scope for the introduction of space-based technologies into three environmental services: Flood Risk Management, Habitat Assessment, and Rural Diffuse Pollution.

These services are not unique to the UK and have been chosen as themes that are globally generalisable in their nature and demand. This report predominantly focuses on the use of Earth Observation (EO) technologies. However, alternative space technologies, such as global navigation satellite systems (GNSS, including the global positioning system, GPS) and satellite-based communications are also referenced when these are seen to offer potential improvements in information provision to support the services.

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Insurance Services

In order to help with the evaluation of risks and the assessment of damage after an accident, insurers use a variety of data and services, including many derived from space. This briefing will analyse the global opportunities around the application of EO, GNSS and Satcoms data to the insurance sector and therefore will only be considering specific business lines within PC insurance. Life insurance is not considered in this report, although may be relevant in the future for personal tracking.

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On-Orbit Servicing and Space Debris Mitigation

The market study scope addresses both the nascent On-Orbit Servicing and the Space Debris Mitigation markets. This report makes use of the author’s expert knowledge of the domain and various on-line, print and personal sources.

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