Remote Sensing

The Satellite Applications Catapult aims to stimulate and support a significant uptake in the use of products and services based on Earth observation data. We do this by simplifying access to that data and by providing data processing and information systems which enable rapid development of relevant applications.

What we do

We provide access to Earth observation and related data, as well as tools that can be used to extract useful information from that data and collaborate effectively with the Catapult and others in the Space sector. By improving overall access, we enable more widespread and faster development of applications and delivery of services.

Strategic Initiatives

The Catapult’s EO and Mission teams have identified several strategic initiatives to achieve this, including

  • Supporting the development of an EO Data Exploitation Platform – the Data Hub – which can support many thematic exploitation platforms, each amalgamating big data using tools for manipulating, analysing and visualising data.
  • Exploiting the new type of EO data access opportunities afforded by the developing UK collaborative ground segment network, and inter-agency agreements.
  • Developing a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) Application Development platform to stimulate the uptake and use of SAR data in preparation for the UK NovaSAR missions and to take advantage of the increasing availability of SAR data through public and private European constellations (Sentinels, Cosmo-Skymed, TerraSAR).
  • Opportunity for the UK Scientific and Research and Development (R&D) community to apply for free access to COSMO-SkyMed products. Find out more about our CORSAIR programme.

Funding for such activities is likely to be available through the European Commission, ESA and UK National programmes.

Further Information about Remote Sensing

If you would like to talk to us about remote sensing and the use of Earth observation data, please email

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